Fast Girl

Fast Girl

Racing is in Alex Johnstone's (Mircea Monroe) blood. It was her father s life and it ultimately caused his death so her uncle Bill (Dwier Brown), who runs the local speedway, is determined not to lose his niece the way he lost his brother. But Alex is determined to prove to Bill, to the world, and especially to herself that she has what it takes to be the best in a traditionally male-dominated sport. And when she meets up with handsome professional racecar driver Darryl Sands (Justin Guarini), the emotional stakes are raised even higher. Will Alex crash and burn or can she carry on her dad s legacy and make her dreams come true?

A feature length film about a young woman Alexis "Alex" Johnstone (Mircea Monroe) from a small town... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sabrina S (us) wrote: i wont two see it so bad

Asa B (ca) wrote: I awarded one extra star simply because Xmas is approaching and it is the spirit of goodwill. I should add though, the kids do keep returning to this festive monstrosity so it must have something they like. What? I just can't tell.

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Nicole P (ag) wrote: THis was a georgeous coming of age movie about a girl growing up around much more cosmopolitan girls and realising who she is amongst it all. She deals with the cliquey rubbish that girls can dish out but finds herself through exploring it all.

Greg W (kr) wrote: good thriller/suspenser/murder mystery pic felt like TV though oh yeah it is.

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Orlok W (nl) wrote: This granny doesn't bake cookies, she'd rather bake you--Fun for horror fans!!

Joe C (de) wrote: Van damn in a rare bad guy role, the film isnt all that good even though some of the martial arts is impressive. Its not awful but you can probably search else where for a more entertaining fight fest.

Grant H (es) wrote: Pretty decent movie. Good action, bad plot, not very good performance from Stallone.

Mac D (mx) wrote: I'm a fan of Jamie Curtis so maybe.

Mohammed A (jp) wrote: Let's hop the original movie isn't bad as this one

Alberto B (nl) wrote: I fall in in love with Paz Vega... again!!!

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