Fast Lane

Fast Lane


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:car racing,  

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Fast Lane torrent reviews

Vanessa G (it) wrote: Cried the whole time! Amazing movie!

Nikita W (nl) wrote: Its ok... I like to watrch it, the first time i watched it in grade 4 i was like so scared and i dunno why... Lol... well bye - NIKITA

Kristy P (kr) wrote: Okay, but not at all what I'd call a good VanDamme movie. Slow plot, not much of a point.

Panayiota K (de) wrote: Fun and interesting. Love his optimism.

Paolla Z (ru) wrote: People should critic this movie based on its cinematography, which I think it is great. And leave their personal political positions to themselves. 50% is a shame!

Valerie S (gb) wrote: Great for nostalgia and Kiefer!

Jason J (de) wrote: A more in depth sequel!

Bheema D (kr) wrote: Awkward, dry, derogatory, poorly written, but Chase's personality lifts it to legacy somehow.

Sakiera M (es) wrote: I have had the biggest crush on Jean Seberg after seeing her in Bonjour Tristesse and I have to say she was absolutely great in this movie. Considering the decade it came out, this movie was extremely taboo and I don't think people gave Robert Rossen enough credit, especially dealing with the suggested lesbian love scene between lilith an another patient and suicide. Well done Roseen, Well down!

Chris (au) wrote: Another great Boetticher/Randolph Scott Western, these two are almost as good as Mann/Stewart and Ford/Wayne.

Eric C (ca) wrote: When this movie was set in Japan, it made a lot of sense. In America? Not so much.

Khepri N (br) wrote: Okay movie. I dread African stories and pains being channeled to Europeans for monetary reasons(his wife). But it was an okay movie nothing I haven't seen before

Glenn V (fr) wrote: An undeniable classic. Must see!