Fast Zombies with Guns

Fast Zombies with Guns

Collateral damage....sometimes it's unavoidable. Paul Varlo's attempt to kill the man who is going to rat him out by poisoning his water supply leads to an outbreak of zombie carnage. To make matters worse, these zombies are different, they're faster, meaner and they're armed. With the town being over run by fast zombies with guns, one group of people are attempting to make their escape to Chicago to survive. Meanwhile, Jake and his girlfriend Laura are on their way to Spring Grove to bring Varlo a priceless heirloom and collect their 2 million dollars. They make it to Spring Grove and discover an empty town, its streets paved in blood. Will the group survive the terror that has befallen them? Will Jake and Laura get their 2 million? Will the zombies run out of bullets?

Collateral damage....sometimes it's unavoidable. Paul Varlo's attempt to kill the man who is going to rat him out by poisoning his water supply leads to an outbreak of zombie carnage. To ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Miguel G (gb) wrote: this was just really hard to sit through. please avoid this. if you saw this, you'll know exactly why i said it was really hard to sit through.

Emma B (es) wrote: The genre of this film should be changed from a horror to comedy; it was so shit it actually made me laugh throughout. The acting was abysmal from all cast members, to the point where I actually sat cringing, eyes wincing due to the sheer pain of embarrassment of having to watch such a train wreck, and laughing in disbelief that something so crap would be allowed to be made.

Paul C (nl) wrote: This movie is not as crazy as most zombie films that you see. It is a low budget film so they cannot use tons of CG or amazing make up. This was just some people who had a great idea and made a movie. Because it lacked a lot of the excitement from a normal zombie film, it was hard for me to get into it. But I respect them for making it. The view is more real life like. These three guys are just sitting around playing video games and eating. I mean most people would just do the same. What could you really do if the world was covered in zombies. The dialog is decent and actually entertaining at times which is good. The cast was fine, I couldn't really get into their characters, but they were not horrible. They manage to use a little bit of special effects to the points that count. The ending was not that good. I wanted more from it, and I did not get it. I will admit the film had a charm to it that I seemed to enjoy a little bit.

Augustina S (au) wrote: A truly captivating tale of greed and excess. Regina (played by Bette Davis) is downright ice-cold in this as the powerful, money-hungry matriarch looking to secure a fortune that would otherwise be inaccessible to her as a woman. It's still a highly relevant tale, as the beginning would suggest, and highlights the extent to which people seek wealth and power, often leaving their humanity at the door. A great performance from Davis and generally, I found, an intriguing story.

Ahmad M (us) wrote: Scandar Copti is ILL

Melanie F (es) wrote: I got bored with it. I think it's all the accents and I didn't like how it was directed. It takes more than drugs and violence to make a movie interesting.

Camille L (fr) wrote: Excellent film sur un scandale dans le monde du basket universitaire. NICK NOLTE est totalement exceptionnel, la realisation de FRIEDKIN est dynamique et le scenario de RON SHELTON ne souffre d'aucun cliche. Excellent.

CL W (fr) wrote: Things I learned from this movie:* I was too amused playing with the comma in the title to actually purchase this for a scant two dollars at the flea market. I have lost! (aside!I'd like the title better if it was "Die, Screaming Marianne.")

Master J (jp) wrote: Great plot-a lot like catch me if you can

Russ B (fr) wrote: 4/30/2016: An ok movie. The book was much better though.

Samuel M (gb) wrote: Uno de los clsicos modernos del cine japons. Cierto es que la pelcula no indiga en profundidad los interesantes temas que trata sobre la violencia, el totalitarismo, las enemores diferencias entre las generaciones, etc. y tiene un "feeling" muy de manga o anima (dato curioso, el manga es posterior...y superior).Aun as ver a nuestro querido "Beat" Takeshi nunca est de ms y la pelcula es tremendamente divertida y estupidamente melodramtica.

Chris X M (mx) wrote: Easily one of the greatest music films of all-time. Passion, emotion, reality and great music prevail. Glen Hansard won an Oscar for the music of this film. It is one of the best. Be sure to watch this real and intense film. More than Once....

Troy K (fr) wrote: Watched the director's cut, still a damn good movie.

Daniel W (au) wrote: I came away from this movie stunned that it had even been released. When i realized it was a Coppola movie, I was flabbergasted. I twisted knot of loose ends, dropped threads, and sheer stupidity. I literally thought the movie must have been some vehicle for all the actors involved to get out of a contract. The acting is, in a word, wretched. If this was the only Bruce Dern movie you'd ever seen, you would never believe for a minute that he could ever put out a performance that could be conceived as Oscar was bizarre, whacky, and nonsensical. Kilmer mailed it in, too. Some creepy cinematography and interesting images, but that's it. The movie made no sense and went nowhere. Do not waste your time.

John M (gb) wrote: Takes a well-worn premise and turns it it on its head. A clever, fun and novel romcom that is about the best of its ilk