Fatal Affair

Fatal Affair

Tom hasn't been what you'd call the most faithful husband, and now he's gotten himself mixed up with a bad girl named Lisa. After their scandalous affair, Tom kicks Lisa to the curb and she vows to get revenge. Her plan spirals out of control and someone winds up dead - you won't believe who!

Young advertising executive Mack Maddox (C. Thomas Howell) is on a career fast-track. Happily married with a young daughter, Mack seems to have it all... until a bizarre series of events make him the target for murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fatal Affair torrent reviews

Maxime D (br) wrote: bon film dcal...un peu dans le style delicatessen (j'ai juste dit un peu)Les personnages sont tous loufoques et quel plaisir d'entendre l'accent quebecois !!!

Simon W (de) wrote: Beautiful story of self identity. Slow, melodic, and very touching. Good script, backed by solid acting and magnificent cinematography.

Paul A (ru) wrote: I don't get how this movie is bashed by critics. Soderbergh essentially made the same film with less sex. This is basically the NC-17 rated mexican version of "Bubble." I think this film is well made, a bit off at points, but what is there works for what it is. Not for everyone, it's sort of one of those films you watch before going to a festival to get yourself in the right mindset.

Marischa B (kr) wrote: The only way I could have found this movie original, would be if I have never seen a classic teenagers horror movie. It is very predictable and almost not at all scary. The actors....absolutely unexperienced or at least the acted like robots and the lines and situations were so illogical that they would rather make u laugh. i am a fan of horror movies and I watch a lot of mediocre movies, but this one really bored me. Maybe it is good enough to borrow it and make fun o fit with your friends, but in my opinion it's not worth it. I don't know what budget did the crew had, but it looked like a very limited one. Not to mention the different and many mistakes in the movie...I'll let u discover them.

Ugi S (kr) wrote: Song for a Raggy Boy is another touching, moving and inspiring story about a teacher who makes a breaktrough with heartbreaking and emotional drama.

Mr N (au) wrote: I don't know if this is a popular opinion but I prefer this film over the first. Shrek 2 is the most memorable of the franchise for me and is a lot more funnier and better than the first film!

Loren R (jp) wrote: Die erste Hlfte ist ein gut inszenierter Sci-Fi-Streifen. Ab der zweiten Hlfte wird es zu einem grossen Humbug. Schade eigentlich um die guten Darsteller, die htten ein besseres Drehbuch erhalten knnen! Durchschnittlich und man braucht nicht viel nachzudenken!

Luca D (fr) wrote: La prima parte del film ha dei ritmi un po' troppo lenti a differenza della seconda dove la suspance sale e il film prende forma. Iconica la scena del rito orgiastico che insieme alla colonna sonora gli vale il voto e la sufficienza. Per il resto un Kubrick sotto tono.

Matt K (fr) wrote: It's only worth watching to see how horrific every scene is. I wouldn't recommend it though. This is just a plain awful film.

Riccardo Antonio R (it) wrote: A good generic horror film

Ricardo A (ru) wrote: In tribute to Arthur Penn's passing... last week I watched "Dead of Winter." Fun overlooked Hitchcockian film just chock full of homage to the master of suspense himself. Loved it. Self conscious in technique...playful in its allusions...quite effective overall.

probowl 4 (it) wrote: Funny, intense and most importantly, enjoyable. 'Lethal Weapon' is likely the best entry in the franchise and starts off the Gibson/Glover pairing with quite a bang.

Tyler S (au) wrote: Not one of the best Robin Williams flick god rest his soul. The flaw of this flick is every single joke seems forced and all of it seems so scripted and silly.Good Comedies have to have some sense of realism in my opinion and in this film it just doesn't work out at laughs seems forced. Are some funny moments and yes Robin Williams does his thing but just not a good flick.

Austin D (ru) wrote: One of Chris Rocks best films.

Milo I (es) wrote: Creative and surprisingly high quality reinvention of the story universe that defined Action movies for me as a kid born in the tail end of the 80s.The scriptwriting is honestly the best part: puns, pretty good banter, not to much Science garble, mostly plot and character development. Some of the acting quality decays as you get further into the movie, and a few of the twists are foreshadowed a little heavily to my eyes, but the first half is extremely enjoyable. Those not so familiar with the Terminator tropes may actually enjoy it more than longtime fans.Arnold, by the way, was a surprise star performance. He's actually mastered his granite face and is able to transmit a lot with very subtle shifts in features, which just happens to play perfectly and believably into his character this time around.Which, by the way, was not originally written for him, but rather for someone else, though he became the obvious choice at first casting...Anyway it's a good watch. Perhaps most commendable is the very creative use of movie and specifically terminator-movie physics in a few instances. Unlike a lot of films that kind of operate with their own rules, with this one you really get the impression that a bunch of nerds like me sat around and thought and talked at length and in depth about what would be possible given those rules that would allow for interesting and creative choices, solutions, mannerisms and habits. All that adds up to just make it "feel right" in the way Terminator 2 (my personal favorite) did and that the interceding films really, really didn't. Which is to say that after hooking up with this movie, I am finally over Christian Bale's most disappointing film, which was a true insult to such an iconic franchise.Watch it! If you're even looking at Terminator movies right now there is an 80% chance that you need to just stop browsing and pick something to put on... choose this one, and you will not be sorry.