Fatal Instinct

Fatal Instinct

A homicide detective (Michael Madsen) falls for a resort owner (Laura Johnson) suspected of slaying a playboy developer.

A detective falls in love with the woman he is investigating in the murder of a real estate tycoon. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos M (fr) wrote: La suerte es la que uno quiere tener, aunque tengas que ir contra todos los dems.

Joo A (kr) wrote: Tropa de Elite 2 d-nos um olhar real sobre a violncia das prises e favelas brasileiras, e a corrupo que existe no s a nvel politico mas tambm policial.80-85% :D

Scott M (fr) wrote: This film got by on amusing moments. The film's makers included plenty of material not needed to get a laugh. Are sex scenes and swearing really necessary in comedy films?

Stuart P (au) wrote: ALF is one of the most underated comedy characters ever! He eats pizza, plays poker, hits on women, cracks jokes and sells knock off goods at affordable prices. My point - ALF is amazing!

MarieFrancoise S (nl) wrote: A convent occupied by drug addled nuns with names like Sister Manure, Sister Damned and Sister Rat of the Sewer - it can only be Almodovar. Funny, rebellious, absolutely mental and twisted.

Jason V (au) wrote: Again, Clint, western, me wanna see.:DDesperately!

Jerem M (ca) wrote: When you watch the movie that beat out Citizen Kane for the Best Picture Oscar, you expect to see something magnficent. While How Green... isn't exactly that, it's still quite good. The writing, acting, cinematography, set design and even sound editing are all above par. Though, some of the Welsh accents sound forced and a couple are positively funny. Roddy McDowell as the young lead does a decent job of holding the sprawling story together. Side note: was there ever anything good about being Welsh or Irish or Scottish in the olden days? The movies certainly don't think so.

Joshua L (it) wrote: Decent film with a good cast and an intense story.

Samin J (br) wrote: The best video game movie ever made. Period!! A dream come true for any Resident Evil fan. The film has superb animation and voice acting. The setting remains loyal to the RE games and the final boss Tyrant is spectacular and a real homage to the ultimate RE baddy. Hats OFF Capcom, what a SUPERB film you have made.