Fatbelly: Chopper Unchopped

Fatbelly: Chopper Unchopped

A documentary profile of Mark 'Chopper' Read, one of Australia's most notorious criminals. The film charts the life of the cult hero, from his time in mental hospitals, via his horrific ...

A documentary profile of Mark 'Chopper' Read, one of Australia's most notorious criminals. The film charts the life of the cult hero, from his time in mental hospitals, via his horrific ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Fatbelly: Chopper Unchopped torrent reviews

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Dimitri S (nl) wrote: A good movie. Great cast. Good story. Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, is beter then the first one. The best movie from Alex Zamm.

Bill R (jp) wrote: They has a budget for this movie but I think it went all to the camera work. It was entertaining to a point but when you reach the ending the title made no sense. There was nothing remotely related to what it was called and was a thriller at best. Looking for a scary movie, then pass this and go on another find.

Richard D (jp) wrote: Vincent Cassel is really superb in this ... a really balls out crazy performance. The first half of the film that essentially introduces him and his family is immensely fun. The second half starts to really drag before pretty much completely falling apart. By the climax, all sense of logic is gone and it takes a long time to build to a reveal that pretty much anyone has seen coming for the last 40 minutes.

Bruno V (jp) wrote: Where's Homer Simpson when you need him , to save the Power Plant ? Nowhere ...But this movie was just good enough without Homer . Light Entertainment ...SOMDVD

Julie L (ag) wrote: I just got totally lost in this movie. I loved it

Zeke S (kr) wrote: I watched this movie with the hopes that it would that actually present fencing realistically and without all the snobs with whom it so often seems to be associated. Silly me. While it is more realistic than other movies I've seen involving fencing, it's stll a far cry from the real thing. The fencing resembles a wierd cross of the three weapons (foil, epee and saber), and it is still presented as dangerous and painful. Gee, maybe the characters would get hurt less often if they'd stop fencing without masks or jackets. The movie also failed to give me any likeable characters. The main guy, played by F. Murray Abraham (cool name at least), while being the most likeable, is so mysterious in the first two acts that I never connected with him, and when his secret is finally revealed, I really didn't care who won in the final duel-to-the-death (Of course! People have duels to the death in fencing! It's part of the glamor.). :(

Francisco Florian S (jp) wrote: the movie was moving to any tarzan at heart. what it could offer to any non-tarzan i cannot tell. to any real tarzan the film can add some sense about his free life aspart man and part animal. the intellectual part of tarzanism is the adventure that takes place between ratio and instincts. it is possible to play at being a tarzan allof one's long life, physically as well as philosophically -- without having to tar andfeather zen -- thus ending up as a TARZEN more than a tarzan. got it all?

Afsal B B (br) wrote: a mixter of many moviesone gud song.

Nicholas W (ru) wrote: Cheesy disaster movie.

Oliver B (nl) wrote: Crusty old ghost story/melodrama with little to recommend for modern audiences.

Suanne F (br) wrote: I pretty much knew how this movie had to end. Still, Bette Davis's journey to acceptance was amazing to watch.

Richard D (nl) wrote: When "Bridesmaids" came out, a lot of the press about it focused on it being a raunchy guy-kinda comedy with a bunch of chicks in it. I liked that movie just fine, but that aspect of it seemed to be oversold. While "Bridesmaids" had some raunchy moments (pretty much in tune with the modern tastes in comedy), it was really a fairly conventional relationship driven comedy ... not all that different from other comedies that have a mainly female cast. THIS movie is a raunchy guy comedy with a female cast. Three friends try to fix their friend's ruined wedding dress while pursuing a drugs, alcohol and sex drenched night. Is it funny? Yeah, I laughed. Is it anything special? Not really. Kind of "The Hangover" with a female cast, only not quite as funny or outrageous. I liked it.

Jackie L (it) wrote: Great story but cheesy Hollywood production

Joe S (au) wrote: when your sick all weekend and druged up on cold medicine this is pretty entertaining !! I remember when it came out in 95 I was in high school never saw it kinda wish I did see it in 35mm it would of been fun it's mad max meets 90s alternative music with girls and human kangaroos :-0 not the greatest movie in the world just a cult to watch !