Fate Is the Hunter

Fate Is the Hunter

A man refuses to believe that pilot error caused a fatal crash, and persists in looking for another reason. Airliner crashes near Los Angeles due to unusual string of coincidences. Stewardess, who is sole survivor, joins airline executives in discovering the causes of the crash.

A man refuses to believe that pilot error caused a fatal crash, and persists in looking for another reason. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick M (it) wrote: Interesting, although not that shocking that the big beer companies rule the industry.

Skyler B (gb) wrote: Fairly funny but doesn't pull enough of the right punches...

Stephanie H (it) wrote: Denzel played an excellent Detective. Clive played a good role right beside him. A clever bank heist. Fun to watch and very well executed and engaging.

Keli T (es) wrote: I say I still loved it! But the fighting part was kinda fearse

Lucy L (br) wrote: "This is you. Eyes closed, out in therain. You never thought you'd bedoing something like this, you neversaw yourself as, I don't know howyou'd describe it... Is like one of thosepeople who like looking up at themoon, who spend hours gazing at thewaves or the sunset or... I guess youknow the kind of people I'm talkingabout. Maybe you don't. Anyway, youkind of like being like this, fightingthe cold, feeling the water seepthrough your shirt and getting throughyour skin. And the feel of the groundgrowing soft beneath your feet. Andthe smell. And the sound of the rainhitting the leaves. All the things theytalked about in the books you haven'tread. This is you, who would haveguessed it? You."

Tarek R (kr) wrote: Words Can't Describe How Beautiful This Movie Really Is and Hopkins Is Superb!!!

Ricardo M (jp) wrote: Decepcionante se comparado aos outros do diretor. A ingenuidade doce de "Trust" ou "Simple Men" aqui, apenas estpida.

Kevin S (it) wrote: Ex con jack crews takes on a mission of driving a truck from Atlanta to New Jersey when he finds out he is about to lose his house. What he does not know and soon finds out that what he is hauling is a truck load of illegal guns. He also gets chased down by red a bible spouting man wanting to stop the truck from getting to its destination and taking the guns for himself. Great movie as crews fights for his life and his family because his wife and daughter also get kidnapped. Patrick Swayze is awesome in this movie. I always liked him and it is a Shame he is no longer with us. Meatloaf is in the movie too. must of figured out his music is crap and went into acting. and also randy travis was in this too. The action is so intense as well as the truck chasing scenes and wrecks. It is totally amazing. That was done of the best vehicle chasing scenes that I have ever seen. This was a totally exciting action movie.

Grace M (br) wrote: Entertaining. Unique plot.

Josh G (kr) wrote: It was alright. A lot of violence for a pg movie.

Aaron K (fr) wrote: Yes it's dated and corny, but it's such fun and full of energy. A cult classic!

Kevin L (au) wrote: Blanche Tyler, una mujer que se gana la vida hacindose pasar por vidente, sabe que Arthur Adamson es hijo ilegtimo de una rica anciana que desea dejarle su herencia. Adamson se ha convertido en un estafador con la complicidad de su amante Fran.

Private U (kr) wrote: For how bad it sucks, it's still really entertaining.Potential MST3k.

Jason Z (us) wrote: great classic movie,, a real enjoyment for all ages.. love this movie

Nikki Alice L (ag) wrote: Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure is a cute kids movie.

Michael D (nl) wrote: I enjoyed a new visual translation of classic Poe short stories. I liked the Tell tale heart the most (also the shortest I think)