A statue comes alive on New Years Eve, in the U.K city of Liverpool, Chaous ensues. A love/ghost story.

A statue comes alive on New Years Eve, in the U.K city of Liverpool, Chaous ensues. A love/ghost story. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keith D (fr) wrote: Watched this so many times already and it never gets boring. Magical and very warm a must see and a film to be added to any great collection.


Lee M (us) wrote: Gay audiences -- and probably straight ones -- will see the twists coming from a mile away, but a cast this strong makes the trip worth taking anyway.

Melissa C (kr) wrote: Double ditto on what she said.

Alan V (ru) wrote: Made my head spin. I don't know what to believe.

Amandeep S (us) wrote: A respectable movie. While it wasn't completely entertaining to me, the meaning behind the movie made it worth watching. The action sequences were very good especially with a comic book character no one's seen anything of. Overall, the movie felt a bit lackluster but the story made it great.

Nicolas C (nl) wrote: A nice neo-noir film, with a little of Todd McFarlane and a hint of the later game "Remember me". The story is ok, performances are fine, the premise is very interesting, and everything is boosted by an artistically flawless cyberpunk enviroment.

Joel S (kr) wrote: Another Batman adventure that ruled my childhood! A story that follows the Batwoman as she becomes a major contributer to stopping crime in Gotham!

Luc L (ag) wrote: Pointless and not entertaining.

EWC o (jp) wrote: Slickly shot with a unique color palette but otherwise a case of style over substance

Lanky Man P (es) wrote: Exactly what you expect.

Jennifer T (fr) wrote: I mean it was ok. Sad. Very bad boys who come back from the dead. I thought the car the bad boys drove in was cool. It's watchable.

Aaron G (kr) wrote: A pretty good flick, especially after they start serving up the rich snobs.

Private U (us) wrote: I studied this as part of my French studies at university and to this day it is one of my all time favourite films. I can't find it on Netflix, so I don't know if it was ever released in the US, but it is gorgeous. Sommersby is typical Hollywood BS and a shameful version of this absolute classic

Riyako H (kr) wrote: What a gorgeous casting! A drama of love triangle set in Africa involving Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, and Grace Kelly! You cannot tell until the very end who ends up with whom. This is really a feast for the eyes.

Fernando C (de) wrote: the rare case of an awesome movie that Ill never watch again! Im still shocked.... movies that gets into yourself the way this one does, just a few.