Father Of The Bride

Father Of The Bride

Proud father Stanley Banks remembers the day his daughter, Kay, got married. Starting when she announces her engagement through to the wedding itself, we learn of all the surprises and disasters along the way.

Inspired from family love, it's about a father of a young woman has to deal with the emotional pain when she gets married, along with the financial and organizational trouble of arranging the wedding. What will happen with them? Watch to know! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rick M (us) wrote: Going into this film,I wasn't very hyped.But after it,I very much enjoyed it!

Hassan R (us) wrote: first half was excellent but second was very slow though ending was very good

Rohit S (nl) wrote: A nice movie that takes off with a shaky start view some overacting from Lara Dutta playing a corporate headhoncho. Vinay Pathak plays the old delhi resident very well. The movie has expected twists and turns during the time Lara and Vinay are stuck with each other. The best part of the movie is the unexpected turn the movie takes towards the end providing a beautiful climax. Rating 3 out of 5. The movie lacks in direction in some places and Lara overacts during the most wonderful moments of the movie. Overall fun to watch but could be better.

Rick B (ag) wrote: It's not a Hollywood blockbuster, but a modest little British film. It's was well-acted (for the most part), very suspenseful, and worth the time. There's no complex plot with a surprise ending: it's very simple. Some nut takes over the train and tries to speed towards the end of the line. I'm not spoiling anything--this is all in the synopsis.

Krista W (fr) wrote: Enjoyed this, very funny in a dark way. Lots of random sex and violence punctuated a compelling plot. Good times for all the family.

Bill W (au) wrote: lol It's like watching a movie version of a friggin GWAR music video. Must watch while stoned or drunk.

Paula M (us) wrote: soooooooooooo irritating.

Katie M (ru) wrote: I loved this movie! i thought it was adorable and such a cute idea :]

Matthew S (jp) wrote: Another rare opportunity to see an amazing film before it was released in the US or Canada. Kar-wai Wong's highly effective and equally experimental film is connected to his previous cinematic triumph, "In the Mood for Love" but it is not anywhere near the genre of a "sequel." It is instead a continuation of the male character's life long after his love has left Hong Kong. Tony Leung's "Mo-wan" has become a gambling and heavy-drinking lothario. He no longer seems concerned with the idea of "love," his focus is set on sexual pleasure and his work. His work is deceptive. We already knew he had a passion for comic book/Sci-Fi that he shared with Maggie Cheung's character in the first film. But it would appear that his fantasy "creative work" is starting to merge into his reality. Or is it?Here lies the challenge of accepting "2046" as a sequel to "In the Mood for Love" -- this new film is equally interested in unconsummated love, but in a very different way. It first seems that Chow's imaginary fantasy is that of a man taking a space trip in time that may or may not correspond to the room number of his hotel living quarters. On the space journey the man on the trip appears to be Chow (Tony Leung) dressed in futuristic attire and sporting long hair. There is a female on board who becomes an obsession for the traveler. She is possibly a Japanese Robot. Or she might be an alternate substitute for Maggie Cheung's character who left the possibility of love when she left Chow to return to her husband. This is a truly gorgeous film. Primarily shot by Christopher Doyle with two additional cinematographers lending their perspectives on film which takes many odd side steps and flows. Sexuality plays a major role here. Chow now enjoys carnal delights but is ultimately unsatisfied. References to Christmas Eve begin to shift meanings. Kar-wai Wong creates a truly Surreal cinematic experience in which logic, liner time lines, reality and fantasy become merged. It is hard to fully know if we are only following one character or several. It may read like a negative or confused ideology -- but it isn't. One gets the feeling that every move and every shot add up. And repeated viewings offer deeper insights. At the end of the day, this film does not live up to the magic presented in the realistically-grounded "In the Mood for Love." But there is a solid connection between both films. And somehow Wong's convoluted film comes across with a similar central theme of question: Is it the desire for love that moves us forward or the consumption of it that fills and grounds us? An oddly moving film. And unforgettable.

Nick F (ru) wrote: The intriguingly structured story featuring the parallel stories of Harrison and Gould makes for quite an engrossing miniseries. The 18th century segments are very well mounted in terms of production design and location filming. The film does a fine job of capturing the rigors of the ocean-testing of the various devices. The 20th century segments are of interest primarily because of Jeremy Iron's performance. Gould's story seems like an indulgence but nonetheless is a welcome layer to the story. Its a worthwhile investment to watch this miniseries

Jose R (jp) wrote: Nothing but a fun action packed guilty pleasure film.

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Jonathan H (it) wrote: Harvey Fierstein, Matthew Broderick and gays trying to make it work in 1970s and 1980s New York. What's not to love? (Aside from how bad they were treated....by virtually EVERYONE).

Tom R (ca) wrote: A decent apocalyptic film, but it suffers from some very bad acting.

Andreas O (us) wrote: Campy super-low budget horror comedy, signed horror legend Roger Corman. The monster has got to be one of the most fake-looking in cinema history. Cute movie, but fairly uninteresting.

Robert I (es) wrote: "A group of sexy high school graduates are ready for a weekend of serious partyin...(read more...)g at a remote camp ground. Soon a murderer is on the loose."That summary is good enough for me! =D

Nic M (gb) wrote: This movie was hilarious! Definitely would recommend to everyone!!!

Maximiliano G (jp) wrote: Halloween II It's full of nice details that make it a nice movie. But nice doesn't mean great. This sequel to Halloween starts right where the first one ended. It's kinda cool to see Michael and Lumis back, but the movie has one big problem. "Halloween II" it's not like "Halloween", it's more like the copycats that came after it (Friday The 13th, etc). It is really gory and lacks chills and suspense. If you like that kind of movie then you are goint to like this one, but if you don't, then you should watch another franchise, cos' this one it's over since the first movie.

Benjamin G (ag) wrote: Very powerful and extremely moving.

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