Father's Dilemma

Father's Dilemma

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Share H (it) wrote: It's a great movie over the top action but good story line

Noname (mx) wrote: Now this was a nice comedy movie in my taste. Its a well made one with a solid story and im glad to see Paul Rudd back with a superb performance and he should always be at this level. I haven't seen many movies before with Jason Segal and he stood probably for the best "funny" scenes in this hilarious flick. Its a comedy with "quality" level in my opinion and i actually enjoyed it alot more than the popular "Hangover". This is a movie you should definitely keep an extra eye on if you haven't seen it yet.

Cory A (gb) wrote: I have seen so many of these exploitation-type movies. There's not really anything too special about this one.

Brian B (au) wrote: Oh my, 28% critics? For real? Were you smoking crystal meth during the movie?? Stop being racist. Ok the truth now, the movie is five stars hands down! An amazing all star cast! Ti truly played the role of a former friend turned scornful, jealous, ruthless, and back stabbing! You really want to see him get it in the end! If you like movies like HEAT with DeNiro, you should go bonkers over this! Let's go!

intuciic (de) wrote: great romantic movie!!!!!

Dan M (au) wrote: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars! When I first read the book and saw the film, I loved this story, but over time I begun to think it was one of the weaker links in the franchise, but after watching it again last night, after 5 years, it is actually among the strongest and most detailed and important stories in the series. I have a new found even greater respect for this one!

John M (ca) wrote: For all the promotional featuring of Liv Tyler, the focus is really on Victor (Pruitt Taylor Vince); one of the little people, bypassed by life. A sensitive, subtle movie, a little difficult to watch but well worth it.

Lana I (es) wrote: Before you accept that my rating is valid, please note: this movie is horrific! It is awful! BUT. It is so utterly ridiculously horrid that it has become something of legends. An English movie dubbed back into English? Ferrigno's jiggling man-boobs? It's painful to watch, and yet astoundingly amazing.

Jacob B (fr) wrote: Labyrinth can't help but be a much more entertaining film visually rather than on a narrative level but the film nevertheless benefits from the presence of David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King, some imaginative moments, memorable characters and musical numbers that ought to please both kids and adults.

Simon R (fr) wrote: My least favourite Harry Potter film

Alehee N (kr) wrote: Less boring af. Good animation tho

Justin B (fr) wrote: The plot is derivative of Alien and The Thing but it comes off more as an homage than a ripoff. A fun but forgettable creature feature with wonderful old-school practical effects.