Fathers' Day

Fathers' Day

After Scott has a fight with his father and runs away and when his father refuses to go after him. His mother, Collette, then goes to one of her former boyfriends, Jack, a lawyer, and tells him that he's her son's real father. Jack initially refuses. So she goes to another boyfriend, Dale, who goes off looking for Scott. Eventually the two men meet and realize that they are looking for the same boy and that Collette told them they are the boy's father. What follows is a mad chase, cause the boy doesn't want to go back.

A woman cons two old boyfriends into searching for her runaway son by convincing both that they are the boy's father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason K (jp) wrote: Great fun for all and 3d was great!

Mara C (de) wrote: Me encant esta pelcula de locos. Un guin re lindo con actuaciones geniales.

Paula M (es) wrote: I loved this movie, and have watched it several times over the years. I felt it was very original, if not predictable...still loved it.

Will B (gb) wrote: I used to play high school basketball and this movie just gave me a whole new perspective on how life works. This movie teaches not just athletes, but everyone else the importance of teamwork and how you can be successful in life. I would recommend watching it.

Eva B (us) wrote: The point of this movie wasn't to win awards, it was to teach children to respect bees because they play an important role in society. My only issue was the plot, like why couldn't they have something else happen to the honey, instead of suing the human race and the puns were almost as bad as the ones in batman and robin! Let me just say that the bee and Human relationship wasn't cute, it was creepy but it got the message out, we should be treating bees with more respect.

Suie B (fr) wrote: Beautiful movie, just stunning

Bardock M (it) wrote: Awesome Movie. It has kept me motivated for years and years to come.

Paul J (kr) wrote: Kiarostami's final chapter in his self-reflective trilogy. Beautiful storytelling with tender and engaging characters.

Cashel S (gb) wrote: I thought the remake was even better

Jenna I (mx) wrote: Fantastically acted by Alan Bates and Janet Suzman. A wonderfully crafted movie that feels like watching a really good play- this is definitely how you do play-to-film adaptations. I didn't think this was a 'black comedy' much at all, it was just a sincere movie about two vibrant people stuck in a horribly depressing pit, desperately trying to claw their way out and save their daughter in the process.

Zack B (es) wrote: It's an average western in almost everyway. Yet this film can be very powerful. Great scenes of Lancaster walking with the cross on his back and gunning down his chasers. Good revenge western that correctly deals with respect and doing what's right.

Jeff B (de) wrote: Great performance from Elizabeth Taylor, but the plot, and particularly the ending, were not up to par.

Matt M (au) wrote: Stalag 17 is the story of a group of unheroic American war prisoners spending time in a Nazi prison camp during the Second World War. Based on the Broadway play, Billy Wilder's film is less of an ordinary formulaic escape film and much more an edgy portrayal of American G.I.s as ordinary people whose main goal is keeping their own sanity by keeping themselves entertained with jokes, games and pin ups, and only occasionally and slowly plan an escape. A great screenplay and a great Holden performance, who stars as the cynical and even selfish Sefton.

Jason B (br) wrote: Stromboli is the weakest (in my opinion) if the Rossellini/Bergman films. This does not mean that it is not a decent film that has some important and interesting bits throughout. The editing and story are was pull this film down but the documentary styles of Rossellini's neo-realism past captured some interesting scenes.

Morgan S (gb) wrote: Lets just say that Mickey Rooney isn't the best actor in the world. That said, he is very lovable, which is why I think that he was able to make so many movies. He has some kind of unexplainable charisma about him, that I just can't put my finger on.The great thing about this movie, is that it is still quite funny at some points, even though we celebrate a different kind of humor nowdays.The movie progressed along very great. Most of the humor was in the middle of the movie. The one thing that I really had a complaint about was the sudden ending of the movie. I wasn't expecting it, and it really kind of surprised me. Besides that, it is a pretty good movie.

Doug L (it) wrote: Sure... a completely formulaic underdog-overcomes-the-odds sports movie that I could have written... but I couldn't have written it any better. A feel good movie any dad would feel good about watching with his kids.

Kevin D (au) wrote: I am so glad I did not see this flick at the movies. This was not much of a comedy. This was an action drama in comedy clothing. My grade: F