Fatima Buen Story

Fatima Buen Story

Based on an actual case, Fatima Buen Story mixes tabloid sensationalism with paranormal symbolism and features O’ Hara’s trademark qualities: sudden violence and heroic love against a background of cinematic magic.

A story based on the actual case of Fatima Buen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason K (nl) wrote: Feels like a good start to Lim making the standard Well Go films, just needs more polish in a few areas- most notably the great RED cinematography in the whole film till the final end gun fight that for some reason looks to be shot on a eng camera at 60i and never corrected for some reason. I think the story is also abit to romance-ish that feels off with the pace in places.

Harsh C (au) wrote: A clever way to revive our favourite villains, but falls surprisingly short on satire.

Liam P (jp) wrote: Raw, rough and action packed. The Kingdom is a real world political thriller with no real political agenda, allowing both sides to have enough breathing room to make their point, while still bringing sharp, high octane action sequences to boot. Adding up to a solid shoot em up with something else to bring to the table then just blood and bullets.

Randy B (ca) wrote: Watching paint dry. I was patient. Very patient. Well filmed and a well assembled cast wasted on a dumb and dumber script. I was left wondering, did Richard Gere approve of this script or was it a bait and switch?

Timothy C (gb) wrote: Greed. Power. This is reality.

Cedric L (mx) wrote: Fun superhero movie thanks to its committed actors and Guillermo del Toro's creative vision.

Private U (kr) wrote: Good story, powerful acting...but a little overdramatic

John Y (br) wrote: Great John Wayne film, but it's painful to watch because he uses a stunt double. The first sign that The Duke was getting old.

Jessica G (fr) wrote: Yawn, so boring. Random seamonster attacking random people and some random guys should destroy it. Clear rip-off of Godzilla (Gojira) The director must be so proud for re-using the exact same stop-go animation for 18 scenes. -_-

Tim Q (fr) wrote: If the chamber of commerce were to approve a movie that included beautiful shots of their city with their museums, landmarks, and streets, and you told them it's also a dark movie about obsession, and they we're still okay with it, this would be the movie. It's a colorful movie with a great score.

Magon C (es) wrote: I love Ginger Rogers, she's so amazing.

EWC o (nl) wrote: Bizarre and hard to follow, though leads give good performances and the soundtrack is great. Many scenes feel offensive for the sake of offensiveness.