Faunovo velmi pozdní odpoledne

Faunovo velmi pozdní odpoledne

This film was made as a kind of a "protest-song" against the panic fear of getting old and also against flirtation. The main character (played by Leos Sucharípa) is an elderly man, ...

A bachelor named Faun with a Don Juan complex, seized with a hypochondriac's fear of the ineluctable approach of death, enters a race against time's passage. Faun's sexual love is imbued with the narcissistic vanity of a self-satisfied bacchant who even towards old age can't manage to forgo his lifelong pose as an irresistable seducer of women. He desperatly searches in superficial, fleeting sex. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Faunovo velmi pozdní odpoledne torrent reviews

Tony (fr) wrote: a movie that trys to hard and never delivers

Andrew L (au) wrote: This is a really good movie. The movie aims to immediately make the situation uncomfortable and it succeeds but as the movie goes on, a great amount of heart shines through as you are taken through the journey of what Norman is taking on. A good portion of this movie is a tribute to various Monty Python skits, which was interesting but it seemed like those jokes were used to continue the flow of witty, and slightly awkward humor when the characters said all they needed to say. The acting was great as well. Dan Byrd does a great job as the awkward and troubled Norman, but Emily VanCamp does a great job as the sweet and innocent Emily. If it wasn't for Emily VanCamp's performance, the message that the movie brings would have gotten lost early on. It was really her acting ability that made everything impactful. Definitely worth the rent.

Rhonda F (au) wrote: Wow...almost as good as American History X. More of a "head" movie that it was. Walker was brilliant, and the lack of effects and hype really only added to the overall appeal. One for Canada!!

Nik B (au) wrote: This movie was totally not about horses. I am disappointed. Believe me or not, I only sat through this movie for the uncredited Greg Dulli cameo. The stars of the movie are well known enough. Andrew McCarthy plays the only character he was ever allowed to. The ernest, but conflicted, boy with good intentions. Molly Ringwald shows her limitations as the backwoods half wit manipulator. Not good performances. Neither were the support cast, but it was still fun seeing Ben Stiller and Viggo from 20 years ago. Also of note, the hottest girl in this flick, Molly Hagen, a.k.a. "Sensitivity" from the classic FOX series, "Herman's Head". But even her in a bikini couldn't save the mediocre drama. Why anyone decided that the stage play was deserving of adaptation is beyond me.

Foon Vincent W (jp) wrote: No plot no story and a movie that totally sucks, BUT it has some hit songs like " good day sunshine, yesterday, and eleanor rigby" and the Long and winding road, watch it if u are a big beatles fan ,if not don't bother

Daniel B (au) wrote: Rod Steiger is superb as Mr Nazerman

Eldin B (nl) wrote: "I'd like to consider myself a doctor of science, but a woman of God."

Tyler V (gb) wrote: Hilarious, raunchy and one of the better SNL movies

Takeisha T (ag) wrote: love this movie???????????????

Melissa M (ru) wrote: I was intrigued with this flick because it's based on the true story of online gambling. The best part about this movie is that Ben Affleck is in almost every scene. He absolutely stole the screen reminding us of a few scenes from Boiler Room. I thought I would be bias with JT, but it breaks my heart to say this is not his best performance. Right when we all felt he had reached his acting career peak his cinematic confidence falls a little short in this. It is a good movie, it is not a great movie. But! I also think with these two leading A-List (sexy) Actors the expectations were extremely high. The plot had a few holes and seemed confusing at times, However, I did learn what a runner-runner straight is in a hand of poker! It was a good date night action movie, but I think I'll pass the day it comes out on dvd.