Fear Ever After

Fear Ever After

"Fear Ever After" presents an unofficial reenactment of events surrounding the disappearance of the entire production crew of SPANK ME PRODUCTIONS. Jessie Valencia, a young and beautiful ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:120 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   haunting,   evil,  

"Fear Ever After" presents an unofficial reenactment of events surrounding the disappearance of the entire production crew of SPANK ME PRODUCTIONS. Jessie Valencia, a young and beautiful ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick B (us) wrote: I have not seen all three. This is a terribly disgusting Example of Human depravity. Merging the most vile acts into an hour long vomit fetish and dead baby rape in an assault on your sanity. This is not for the weak. Five stars for originality, and the balls to put this out there.

D M (de) wrote: A Syfy film about an escaped secret Navy super-weapon, a genetically-modified shark/octopus hybrid with a desire to kill. A team attempts to capture the monstrosity while a reporter tracks its trail of death and destruction. As over-the-top as you would expect, but with a budget which was more heavy on effects than quality actors or screenwriters. A few comical moments and a couple half-scares.

Louise M T (de) wrote: Surprizingly delightful movie. The on screen interaction between Bill Murray and Vera, the elephant he "inherits" from his unknown circus clown father is worth the watching. I love Bill Murray anyway. He stars as a very charismatic motivational speaker, but once he inherits Vera he must claim her. And they both wind up on the road - for his character Jack, the road-trip is to find Vera a new existence, as a breeding female, back in Sri Lanka in South Central Asia with an offer from Mo, a zoologist, who has given him 5 days to cross the country to meet her in California for the trip. The characters and circumstances they encounter on their journey across the country are unforgettable.

Adam W (mx) wrote: A sex addict works in a dead end job, cons people in restaurants pretending to be "choking" and visits his mother in her care home.Theres alot of sex a few laughs and for a while its mildly amusing.

Dominik J (es) wrote: Jacque Fresco gosc z lbem na karku

Alexandra B (ag) wrote: i really want to see this because i always love potter books

scott g (us) wrote: misfire all round, no sence to this at all, danny dyer does danny dyer and martain freeman does martain freeman, that should be a reason to watch but, its embaressing, the plot, from what i can see, is british soap opera farce, and whats up with freemans plot up untill 3rd act, avoid

Dolby W (us) wrote: The creature design and the gore effects are all top notch, but the movie fails as a whole. It tries too hard to be funny, and the jokes never seem to land. It has a very inconstant tone which sets the film back drastically. I am not sure if the acting was intentionally bad, but no one in the movie did a good job. I don't mind a movie that winks at the camera, but this one comes off as trying way to hard. It is a wannabe grindhouse film, and is a complete mess from start to finish. Mindless splatter is fine, but it at least needs to be entertaining, and this one feast that I will not be asking for a second helping.

Ahmed M (au) wrote: Zoolander is a good comedy movie, but is it one of the best comedy movies? Perhaps not.

Ed F (kr) wrote: One of the funniest movies you will ever see. Jackie Chan at his best.

Daren F (nl) wrote: This is a film that is similar to that of Truffaut's first feature film, [i]The 400 Blows[/i] in that it has a child not knowing who she is and not knowing what to do because what she yearns for because something that she does not think she can handle. The connections to Truffaut are also there because Jean-Pierre Leaud is in the film and gives Lili advice that would have helped Antoine. This is a film that is intensely engaging but difficult to fight for because of the topic of pedophilia. Briellat never backs down from this and because of that the film succeeds, she does not pull punches and puts everything on screen and we must sit back and take notice. Briellat is a director that must not be ignored and a director that must be analyzed in ordered to better understand the film and to better understand the society around us, because she deals so directly with our concepts of femininity and society.

Daniel S (mx) wrote: I'm a pretty big stephen king fan, yet id never seen this iconic film adaptation, it does take a while to get going, it's more than halfway over before the actual dog attack starts, before that it's just subpar domestic drama, but once it does get going it gets pretty intense at times and doesn't really let up, they made that dog look ugly as hell, i actually felt bad for it, tho i cant believe his owners took that long to realize something was wrong, also there were a couple times dee wallace couldve made a run for the bat or the house that bothered me, overall not that strong, but the dog attack scenes are worth it

Lee M (ag) wrote: A racking film which explores divorce with sensitivity and artistic skill.

Natalia G (ag) wrote: this one is made as sequel for "Guns of Navarone". I thought it will be boring film (Harrison Ford's act -.-') but no, it was really good and funny.

Dean K (kr) wrote: One of the better Carry on films set at a seaside resort with a beauty contest taking place.

Koji T (nl) wrote: Revenant reminds me of this film and I watched it again on DVD. Great movie! What is the reason to live? Love,revenge? Introspective movie. Does anyone know the original length of this movie? 110 minutes seems too short for this film. Intermission was put in where the rest of the film is only half an hour.

Daniel C (br) wrote: Short, sweet, and to the point.

Isabelle W (de) wrote: -Angela, tu es infme!-Non, je suis pas INfme, je suis UNE femme.

Jonalyn B (ru) wrote: Liked it, though some parts were cheesy. (To be expected from a film geared toward young teenagers).

Dani I (us) wrote: If someone asks you to show him/her a teens film, dont choose American Pie, Dude, Where is my car? is what he/she is really asking for.