Fear in the Night

Fear in the Night

Bank teller Vince Grayson wakes from a nightmare in which he and an unknown woman murdered a man in a strange, mirrored room. Only a dream...but Vince finds that he has physical objects and bruises from his "dream." His cop brother-in-law dismisses his story...until the family, on a picnic, takes shelter from a thunderstorm in a deserted mansion containing that mirrored room.

A man dreams he committed murder, then begins to suspect it was real. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Satya P (nl) wrote: Stylish,entertaining and darkly funny..

Gordon B (ca) wrote: s not just a movie about chess, this film explores the volatile personality that the game has attracted.

Terry G (au) wrote: This magical land of Khaki Scouts and first loves in Anderson symmetry, kodachrrome landscape and costumes... and incredible orchestration (and choir) -- is the great American story that rescued me from the Trump dump.

Dwayne R (ca) wrote: Zombies in Space. Dumb.

Igor A (es) wrote: izdrzav 30 minuti :)

John M (it) wrote: "Road Trip: Beer Pong" is a sequel that is very than I expected. It's a very funny film that's nowhere near perfect but anyone who looks for a lot of good raunchy jokes in a film and hot chicks, then this is definitely worth checking out.

Jacob B (it) wrote: Just because it was soooo terrible, I'm going to have to give it some stars... It feels like a movie that a bunch of friends got together to make it in one night.

Mara M (us) wrote: Una obrade arte cinematografica

Gina D (gb) wrote: Annoying. Predictable. Director should go back to directing school.

Jesse O (fr) wrote: I don't really have much to say about this movie, it has some fine performances from its cast. But there's this feeling of overt sentimentality emanating from this film. It is never nauseating and there's not one specific scene I can point to, it's just the overall tone of the film is sentimental. The movie is also never as clever as it wants to be, but that's not a problem because the movie is still funny and charming. I did like the setting very much...it adds character to the film. And at least the movie doesn't let its characters become unlikable with their actions, their reasoning is sound and they do plan to do good with that money, instead of it going to the government due to Ned's passing. The whole thing is fairly predictable, but that doesn't make it any less entertaining. This is a charming little movie with a really good cast.

Callie S (ru) wrote: I found this movie rather Stupid. Didn't enjoy it.

Sam M (ag) wrote: One of the best films of 1992 is Abel ferreras "Bad Lieutenant". a film of hopelessness and sin "Bad Lieutenant" blows the mind away due to it's raw emotions and behavior. Harvey Keitel plays an unnamed lieutenant with a troubled past and a serious drug and gambling addiction. This disturbing, powerful movie follows him as it all cones crashing down on him and eventually (and I feel glad that his troubles were now done) kills him. A 4.5/5 for me and a really good movie

Alex K (gb) wrote: I Like Bruce Willis.

Moe E (au) wrote: Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell and Christine Lahti shine in their portrayal of those left behind to build the US war machine while the able-bodied men are off fighting WWII. Ed Harris and Holly Hunter co-star as Goldie's husband and co-worker, respectively.

Shantel D (kr) wrote: It's a cult classic that has a little something over other typical 70's exploitation... can't describe it, but it's there. The ending made it for me.

Keenan S (ag) wrote: Drums Along The Mohawk is a very enjoyable and very underrated historical film. While the film could use more polish in terms of its plot, for the most part, it is a very engaging film that is well written, well acted, action packed when it needs to be, and funny when it wants to be. If you enjoy an interesting historical film, this is one worth checking out because it succeeds in a large portion of the criteria for such films. I'm not particularly sure of why some people seem to hate this film nowadays, but, oh well.

Dave J (mx) wrote: Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson) has just been informed by his own dad that he has the ability to go back in time, and it can only happen to the men in the family. It is during then he uses it to strengthen out his love life.

Joey F (it) wrote: I think this movie was panned unjustifiably. It's not their best film, but it's miles ahead of the previous two and is even better than some of their "golden era" films. It does a good job of giving origin story to Mike and Sully (and a couple other MI favorites) and delivers perhaps one of the best last thirds in any Pixar movie. Some of the college humor is corny I'll admit, but I don't think it ruined the movie by any stretch.