Fear Is the Key

Fear Is the Key

After his family are killed in a plane crash, a man plots an elaborate revenge scheme on those responsible. He sets himself up as a criminal in order to get close to a tycoon who has been approached by the culprits to help them retrieve the cargo of the lost plane.

Following the death of his family in an aeroplane crash, a man plots an elaborate revenge scheme on those responsible. By setting himself up as a criminal, he plans to get close to a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicholas S (ca) wrote: Rick Pang (Portrayed by the late Cantopop star and John Woo veteran Leslie Cheung) is a gunsmith and a highly skilled practical shooter. During a shooting match, a depressed day trader threatens the safety of innocents, and Rick his forced to kill him, using the titular double tap technique. After this, Rick discovers that he actually likes killing, loses his sanity, and goes on a killing spree (mainly focusing on members of Hong Kong's finest). Miu, the reigning pistol champ, is also the detective in charge of Rick's case. Technically, the film is fairly well made. There are some choppy edits, and the score is a tad questionable, but nothing that isn't easily looked past. It is apparent that much research went into the shooting aspect of the film. That being said, the gunplay is some of the most realistic I've ever seen. This give the films action scenes a high level of polish (though some of this is ruined with a few cheesy CGI bits). On the acting side of things, most of the performances are fairly average, with the exception of Leslie Cheung. As Rick Pang, he easily slips between arrogantly taunting his nemesis and gunning down his pursuers with a cold detachment the likes I haven't since the police station massacre in the the first Terminator movie. While far from perfect, Double tap is a fun and engaging movie that any HK movie enthusiast can enjoy along with anybody who just happens to enjoy some good gun porn.

Dan F (it) wrote: Cool movie kept you hanging and guessing

Dave S (fr) wrote: It was ripped by critics and audiences but I liked this little loser. Bill Murray is great and Bruce Willis and Kate Hudson are pretty good too.