Fear No Evil

Fear No Evil

High school student turns out to be personification of Lucifer. Two archangels in human form (as women) take him on.

High school student turns out to be personification of Lucifer. Two arch angels in human form (as women) take him on. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wes S (gb) wrote: This one is so bad it doesn't even deserve half a star! I do not even have words for how painfully terrible this movie is...

Lee B (es) wrote: I wanted to like it.. i like rhona mitra..but the movie wasnt good in my opinion.. story was crap..

Liam M (fr) wrote: A visual opus that just falls shy of probing any real emotional depth. House of Flying Daggers buckles under the weight of its own, gorgeous ambition; and yet - I enjoyed ever single, lavish, hollow inch of it.

Jessica G (de) wrote: A wonderful and heart-wrenching film about living in pre-Pincohet Chile. Even if you don't like historical films or know anything about Latin America cinema I'd still recommend watching this movie. It's directed beautifully and offers an honest and touching glimpse on the class-struggles that permeate not just Chile but all of Latin America and how, like children, many of us are ignorant of its violent effects.

Ben C (gb) wrote: Both Naked Gun's Leslie Nielsen and First Blood's Richard Crenna save the movie otherwise laden with jokes that occasionally go nowhere in this film.

Vincent T (de) wrote: Ce premier volet reste un tres bon film d'espionnage avec un Tom Cruise tres sur de lui. La scene de hacking de Langley a marque les esprits.

Art M (jp) wrote: Hally Berry played the mess out of this role!

TheScarlatescu R (it) wrote: the plot starts very badly with lame oneliners, then bill maher apears with the comic relief of the movie

Dan J (fr) wrote: I'm not really sure why more people aren't familiar with this film. I watched it once on very late night TV and found the premise worth investing my time.

Hector R (fr) wrote: Not for everyone. This movie was jarring after the epic first movie came out but it still is enjoyable. Don't expect Purple Rain 2 though...

Sanity Assassin (au) wrote: another effort that never quite hits the mark. it's got some great light-hearted comedy moments but it's an effort in itself to watch it at times because as far as musicals go the numbers aren't memorable, only dry and dull. i've read someone elses comments below saying it's a light hearted moulin rouge. moulin rouge was shit too!

Marah R (au) wrote: Utter stupidity and nonsense.

Miguel O (jp) wrote: There is no doubt Brian Singer is a fantastic director and noticeably, the project was shot out of love to cinema, which makes hating the movie hard. The campy dialogue would make Joel Schumacher blush, the pacing is uneven, and let's not get started on the overly cartoony CGI. Perhaps, the film could have been more successful as a straight to DVD animated movie.

Super K (kr) wrote: I laughed all the way through.

Grant H (ca) wrote: Pretty bad movie. The film's major problem is not that it's incredibly clich (C)d (which it is), or that the tone is too jumbled (also true), it's that it's not very entertaining for the first hour of the movie (which is 2/3 of the movie). The laughs during that time are few and far between, the dramatic scenes are not that great, and the performances are even worse, Streisand being unbearably annoying, even if that was supposed to be her character, it was still too much, and Rogen not really showing any real acting, just bland formulaic stuff. The last half hour is where the movie slightly picked up, which is not good that they waited that long. It has funnier moments and more touching dramatic parts, as well as improved performances from the cast, but still isn't great. Overall, the movie was pretty boring, sets up potential for good gags and wastes them, and doesn't give the leads anything good to work with.