Fear of Falling

Fear of Falling

Tomek leads a comfortable life as a TV anchor and family man when he receives a troubling message from the psychiatric hospital in his hometown: his father, whom he has not seen in years, has just been admitted. Against the advice of friends and family, not to mention his own better judgment, Tomek returns home to face the man he hardly knows. After a failed, guilt-ridden attempt to sell his father’s apartment, Tomek decides to make up for lost time. Kidnapping his aging father from the hospital, the two embark on a vacation to the mountains in an effort to restore some semblance of a relationship.

Father-to-be Marcin reaches out to his estranged schizophrenic father in search for love and understanding. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Claire M (ag) wrote: I was on netflix and this seemed interesting. I watched it and was happy with who Wren ended up with. Such a quirky movie

pierre y (ru) wrote: A very well made documentary about the huge place private soldier are taking in modern warfare especially in Iraq.A good watch if you are interesting in what is happening in middle east.

Rick V (gb) wrote: Weird British movie about a haunted studio apartment

Carlos G (es) wrote: Slo dos cosas que decir: 1) Furlong (de antigua Terminator 2 fama) se ve y suena fumado durante toda la pelicula. 2) Considerando el desastre insalvable que es esto, qui (C)n lo puede culpar.

Katlyn M (fr) wrote: Of cource...another movie that's going to make me cry everytime I watch it...but it's excellent!

Nathalie S (fr) wrote: A beautiful and subtle movie which is sad without being gloomy. One of the few melodramas I'd recommend.

Susan P (ca) wrote: AWESOME. This is very possibly the best TV movie ever. Veronica Hamel stuffs quilting down her pantyhose to pretend she's pregnant and then steals a baby belonging to poor working stiff Jo (from the Facts of Life) and deadbeat dad Mulder (aka David Duchovny). Michael Madsen looks on in disbelief. If you want to see something truly scary, check out imdb's comments and see how many people say, 'I think this was about my family.'

Lee M (au) wrote: This decidely French parody of the American Western, which manages to spoof much of French cinema also, is probably too culturally opaque to be fairly critiqued by me, but apparently true Francophiles find it hilarious.

Oliver B (gb) wrote: This is remarkable. I've seen a lot and don't say that often. Haven't watched it properly though.

Devin G (ca) wrote: There something here, there really is, but then the people making the movie decide to take that aspect out half way through and you get one of the most annoying and pointless horror films of 2011.

Isaac C (kr) wrote: One of my favorite actors/comedians, Seth Green and his buddies are hilarious in this raunchy comedy!

Nate T (ca) wrote: Not bad suspense film. A bit odd and off-beat but who am I to complain?