Feast of Friends

Feast of Friends

A documentary about the doors, made by the doors. It is filmed by two ucla mates of Ray Manzarek and Jim Morrisson. It shows the atmosphere between the members and a live version of The End.

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Adam T (mx) wrote: I championed this second Star Wars prequel on its release because it 'seemed' more in spirit with the classic trilogy than the disappointing 'Episode 1' which, I felt was basically a kids movie sans heart. Then with the release of the quite solid 'Revenge of the Sith', I saw this one for what it was- a turgid, inter-galactic snoozefest with wooden performances, soap opera dialogue, and effects that were too ambitious for the realism they meant to acheive. Or was it simply a case of too much greenscreen for the actors to perform against? The movie is also painstakingly long and demands more attention than it deserves. Also, due to the fact that we know Anakin will turn to the dark side of the force anyway, how can we accept him as a hero? The narrative is kind of pointless (especially against a soppy unconvincing love story) and only serves to bridge the gap to the final act in the Anakin saga.

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