Feathers in the Wind

Feathers in the Wind

Hyeon-seong, a film director struggling with writing a new screenplay, visits a remote southern island he stayed 10 years ago to fulfill a promise he made with his girlfriend at the time. As he waits on the secluded island to see if the promise will also be kept by now his ex-girlfriend, he gets to know an oddly charming young motel operator So-yeon.

Hyeon-seong, a film director struggling with writing a new screenplay, visits a remote southern island he stayed 10 years ago to fulfill a promise he made with his girlfriend at the time. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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arif s (de) wrote: incredibly nice film.....another mohit suri masterclass after Awarapan.....well done and great job....

Sudakshina B (us) wrote: I enjoyed watching this Bollywood flick, it's a sleek and smooth psychological thriller, which keeps you on your toes till you realise the 'whodunnit' in the second half. The bit about Karthik ( which was played with panache by Farhan Akhtar) having Multiple Personality Disorder (and not 'Multiple Mental Disorder' as they called it in the movie) that he had a more confident, suave and menacing alter ego seems to be lifted from Sidney Sheldon's novel "Tell Me Your Dreams" I think. It was nice to see Deepika Padukone actually perform better than her previous flicks, she came off more authentic this time round.Watch it if you're into psychological thrillers, Bollywood ishtyle!

Tanmoy D (us) wrote: A really well made telugu horror thriller movie. Anushka and Sonu at their best.

Ben R (kr) wrote: This was actually very good for this weird a concept.The quirky acting by the main character started out very weird and awkward but you really felt for him towards the end of this.This was one part mockumentary,one part quirky absurd comedy, one part love story and you mix them all together and you get a quality little indie flick. This is definitely worth a late night viewing when you can't decide what you wanna watch.

Jax M (jp) wrote: Different, i liked it

Jon F (mx) wrote: excellent first writer/director attempt from joey lauren adams. i simply love it. very well written film

William W (gb) wrote: January 30, 1972 was a day that will live in infamy for many of us. Paul Greengrass wrote and directed this movie that almost looks like it was filmed by reality tv people.James Nesbitt played MP Ivan Cooper - the protestant politician who was an advocate for civil rights for catholics and protestants alike in Northern Ireland. Many protestants viewed him as a traitor for this, but he didn't let that deter him. We also follow a teen-ager, played by Declan Duddy, who wants out of the bloody violence in which he once took part. He just wanted to join the peace march - only to be sucked into the fray by his friends.......This movie depicted the events in a way that didn't glorify the violence. It is, pretty much, told as an as-is tale with no narration nor expository dialogue. This story, based on actual events, resulted in almost 30 unarmed people shot with 13 reported dead at the end of the story. The British soldiers were cleared of any wrongdoing and the officers were decorated by the Queen. If you want to watch a piece of Irish history that the English would like to bury, watch this film.

Frances H (jp) wrote: Nicely done update to the Devil and Daniel Webster, with a really great cast. Anthony Hopkins is always worth watching.

Serge L (gb) wrote: How to live when the memory is gone? Write down notes that you follow practically blindly. The story runs backward to reveal itself. Like a maize, bits are revealed and the thread holds and turns and twist until we arrive at an explanation. Strange film but it works!

Aia K (ca) wrote: i ve been looking for the copy of this movie which i ve watched more than 30 times.. till i named my cat ponette..pls tell me how to get it back..

Srini V (ag) wrote: SRK is best actor:) ,good style, good movie. Amrish acting is great:)

Bill M (au) wrote: For Drew Barrymore stalkers only.

Deadly V (au) wrote: Verhoeven cleverly subverts the teen sex romp genre.

Julia (au) wrote: It was a surprisingly refreshing scary movie!! I loved it!!