An ambitious Hollywood hustler becomes involved with a reclusive female star whom he tries to lure out of retirement.

Because a producer is eager to resurrect his career, he attempts to lure a beautiful actress out out seclusion to help him in his new project. Does she agree with his proposal? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Natalie G (au) wrote: I found the dialogue, action scenes, and characters believable.

Matthew F (gb) wrote: Kinda interesting insight into Helvetica font..!

Jessica H (us) wrote: Rolls along and occasionally makes you laugh.

Katherine H (fr) wrote: Sucks but interesting story line of legend

Ana F (au) wrote: Maral de aquino comanda nos livros!Estou ansiosa pra ver seu trabalho no cinema.

Maineutral R (mx) wrote: Oh, is this boring. Even featuring Jet-Li doing action, is still boring. Even if the lead actors have good lines, is still boring. Even if Gabrielle Union gets half-naked, is still boring (but not problematic). Even if the story-line had strenght, is still boring. As you can see, there is no way Cradle 2 the Grave can be saved. It's dumb, obvious, boring and pointless overall. What a waste.

Indi V (ru) wrote: This is a pretty solid movie. Then again, Billy Wilder is one of the screenwriters.Some of the jokes of the film hold up well. There's quite a few jabs made at the expense of the Soviet Union. Most of those types of jokes are pretty funny.Advertising for this film focused on Greta Garbo and the fact the she laughs. Well... she does do that, but she delivers a very good performance as well. TVTropes would call it a defrosting of the ice queen, but it's a defrosting handled so well and so naturally by Garbo.It's a fun little movie. It is annoying that Garbo takes so long to show up and that Bela Lugosi is only in one scene, but it has a few good laughs. It's worth checking out if only to see Garbo's very good performance. Shame 1939 had to be the best year for movies ever. Garbo got an Oscar nod for this and lost to Vivien Leigh for a little movie called Gone With The Wind.

Logan M (fr) wrote: Gus Van Sant, a master of art-house, creates an effectively heart-breaking drama set against a Shakespeare template.