Feeling Minnesota

Feeling Minnesota

Sam Clayton's (Vincent D'Onofrio) marriage to ex-stripper Freddie (Cameron Diaz) comes about when she's strong-armed into the match by Red (Delroy Lindo), a club proprietor who once did her a favor. But Freddie falls in love with Jiaks (Keanu Reeves), Sam's brother, and the pair tries to escape the situation together. It isn't long before both Sam and Red catch up with them, resulting in threats against the two of them -- although tension also starts to build between Sam and Red.

An ex-convict and his bumbling crook brother fight for the same woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vanda K (it) wrote: Definitely a must see! Cumberbatch as Hawing is unbelievably amazing in this great and moving story.

Dinar Sinta Augustina D (ag) wrote: When it involves millions of dollars in Mexico...

Arthur R (br) wrote: Much better and more cohesive than the first installment. Deeper and fantastically portrayed. Far from perfect, and the ending leaves it feeling a bit hollow... unfinished (which it is), but still I'd have preferred a more concrete ending to this act. Still, its a solid installment in the franchise.Resonant Line: "Gale Hawthorne: People are looking to you, Katniss. You've given them an opportunity. They just have to be brave enough to take it."

Bailey M (au) wrote: Funny !And I love charlie hunnam

Martin B (mx) wrote: another great film i saw at tiff. from bulgaria set around a guy discharged from the army in world war 2 - if you only see one bulgarian film in your life time make sure its this

Alex S (mx) wrote: Surprisingly good action packed thriller starring Mark Wahlberg.I don't understand the hate, it was better than most of the crap from the time.

Michael B (mx) wrote: A movie that stinks from start to finish. Nicole Kidman's performance is just dire which totally ruins the entire film. The one star is for the performance of Hugh Jackman but he can't save this pathetic excuse for entertainment. Avoid at all costs!

Vinson C (gb) wrote: Love this one, a pervert and showing the dark side of a human fantasy... how extreme your dream can go??

Maribel A (mx) wrote: this movie is amazing and cool.

Timeen (de) wrote: Was in love with Corey at the time of this movie but looking back on it now....it's not that impressive ok to watch

William D (it) wrote: I've only been trying to see this movie for 20 years. It finally came to the top of my netflix queue. What a wonderful little movie this is -- and so authentically New York. This is probably the last real New York movie before the bizarre and depressing takeover by the WASP haute bourgeoisie that started in the 1990s and has now been complete -- at least in Manhattan. The real New York is now only in Brooklyn and the rest of the outer boroughs. But if you want a taste of what real Manhattan used to be, check this film out. It oozes love of NY from every pore. It's a bit slow at times. The editing could have been more taut. But the story is fantastic, focusing in on two lower-class neighborhood boys (played beautifully by Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts) whose deep love of each other is challenged by a series of excruciating complications that stem from their pathetic attempt at a heist. This film should be thought of as a companion to 'The Godfather.' The supporting cast is incredibly good, including Geraldine Page and a large group of unknown actors. Director Stuart Rosenberg ("Cool Hand Luke," "The Drowning Pool"), who died in 2007, deserved more recognition than he got for this. Thank you, Mr. Rosenberg, for this touching NY gem. My favorite line from the movie: "WASPs, they outgrow people. Italians, we outgrow clothes, not people."

Christophe F (es) wrote: Un film mouvant dont la musique encadre parfaitement l'atmosphre...

John R (de) wrote: 151226: If in 2015 I feel this film is a bit harsh, I wonder what 1946 audiences would have thought? From racism to cattle and familial rivalry to the iron horse, I believe this film would be more appropriately called "Duels in the Sun" or perhaps just "Duels". Black hearts result in black endings, for all the twisted souls in this film...except Sid. Some overly dramatic acting here but not a bad western.

Cliff M (gb) wrote: Highly enjoyable romp with Harrison and Connery obviously having fun in their roles as son and father. Whenever they are on screen together, that is when they both shine most.

Mark T (ag) wrote: Short, cheap but atmospheric horror with a sinister performance from genre legend Englund.

Ashley H (jp) wrote: Drums Along the Mohawk is a stunning film. It is about a husband who takes his new wife to his farm in upstate New York. Claudette Colbert and Henry Fonda give excellent performances. The screenplay is well written. John Ford did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama and romance. Drums Along the Mohawk is a must see.

Jordan R (es) wrote: For nearly half the film, you'll find yourself having to be reminded that you're watching a horror film. Then there's 20 minutes in the middle of actual torture horror. Finally, the last half of the film ends up feeling more like an action/escape flick than horror. That being said, it kept my attention at the very least.