Fekete gyémántok

Fekete gyémántok


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1976
  • Language:Hungarian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Fekete gyémántok torrent reviews

Helen W (ca) wrote: Hate the film? Shut up about it then, it's for children, of course it has a similar plot to Cars but, it's a great film >:0

Jorge C (ca) wrote: Piece of crap so bad CGI is terrible

Francis P (es) wrote: Moi j'ai trouver a bien, un peu moins bon que ''la loi du cochon'', mais trs bien tourn H Julie LeBreton, Ayoye!!!!!

Oussama H (ca) wrote: Average horror movie! Just another haunted apartment story! Not very special but still not disappointing! I loved the dark ending!

Dillon L (gb) wrote: much better then I thought but still nothing special

Ben F (nl) wrote: The one Lynch movie that just didn't hold me. Through the first hour or so, he spins a very interesting story about an actress falling into her character, but as the film derails, it's hard to focus on anything. This is heightened by the fact that the film is shot on video at a time where video was awful quality - so it's a standard def home-video feel. I actually came to appreciate the style and intimacy that provided, but it made appreciating the visuals more difficult as the narrative dropped off.

Arar G (ca) wrote: Last Life in the Universe is affecting while at the same time confounds you on why it does. It has long moments of silence which opens the way for meditations on both the characters and the emotions they carry. It's a weird romantic story surrounded by tragedy and hopelessness that veers off course while driving home.

Asif K (au) wrote: it won Best Director at CANNES and it looks excellent.

Tim M (nl) wrote: +Daniel Wu, Qi Shu, costumes, shootouts-Slow parts, melodrama

Fred V (ag) wrote: A film that rings in the heart of every Jew. The wonderful quality of this film is not necessarily found on the surface but in the subtleties and the "small lines. The timing of the story itself and the eerie references to "future" historical events makes one think. One such scene is where the shunned daughter and her husband are leaving the village along with the expelled Jews, because they "cannot stay in a place where people do such things to each other. Where are they headed? Krakow, Poland, where in about 30 years their concerns would be wrought out on a much larger, genocidal, scale. This movie never gets old.

Elliot Richard D (es) wrote: Brigadoon, the movie, seems too staged. The acting was very stylized, and the sets do not look realistic as director Minnelli thought it would be. Both Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse, while good dancers, did not have good enough voices to do justice to the songs. I personally felt Van Johnson was good in his role. Overall, the production lacked the creativity to make the picture a hit.

x x (ru) wrote: They don't make 'em like this anymore - visually and aurally vivid, rich with great actors, a smart script and lush sound and production design.

Stefanie S (us) wrote: I actually really enjoyed this movie, I don't understand how it has such a low rating on here..it was full of action and unexpected humor..I was personally pleasantly surprised!

Bill S (es) wrote: I loved this movie,as well as everyone i know that has seen it.

Al K (jp) wrote: Great movie! Didn't see it coming...