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Fellini torrent reviews

Dan F (ag) wrote: In the future, companies make bank by injecting people with the viruses contracted by their most revered super-celebrities, in a twisted effort to become closer to their idols. A tech at one of these companies also smuggles the fresh virii out of his building by injecting himself; trouble arises when the celebrity unexpectedly dies, leaving the staffer little time to learn what went wrong before he suffers the same fate.Syd March (Caleb Landry Jones) is that tech, Syd. He's got a pretty sweet gig, selling the virii he harvests to pirates who then alternately inject people with the virus (for a nice price) and grow the equivalent of steaks - really! - with the pathogens for their customers' dining pleasure. How does he do this? Volume! No, actually, what the company does is inject the virus into a machine that essentially copy protects the virus, making the virus proprietary. His company, the Lucas Clinic, is contracted to take blood from dying celeb Hannah Geist (Sarah Gadon), and Syd injects himself and quickly becomes disoriented, weak, and feverish. When Syd attempts to remove the copy protection by using his own machine, the console is destroyed.It is a story that shines a bright, infected light on society's devotion to all things celebrity. How far would a superfan go to be a part of a famous person's life? Would they infect themselves with noncontagious herpes? Chew on a regrown kidney? You know something...I think they would, at least the more deranged and sociopathic fans. Such a connection is exponentially stronger than a simple autographed photo. You've not just been recognized by them; you are part of them.The director is one Brandon Cronenberg, son of David, and the son has the same predilection for the macabre as the father. The obsession with celebrities, all too apparent in real life, is shown to be pretty normal in the film's fictional universe, and yet the horror of playing with the fire of fast-spreading pathogens undercuts this seeming normalcy with an almost Jones' Syd pretends to be just another hustler, but he's really as demented as his customers (and clients). Jones plays Syd perfectly as a shady, somewhat-sullen man of little distinction; also noteworthy are Joe Pingue as Arvid (employee of the celebrity meat market), Wendy Crewson as the head of a rival pathogen company, and Malcolm McDowell, playing yet another doctor, this time with skin grafts from his favorite celebrity.Antiviral is a horror mystery, with buckets of blood and oodles of intrigue. It's a creepy allegory of man's lust for fame of any kind, viewed through a prism of late-1980s Canadian horror. It's a fine, engrossing film.

Daniel A (mx) wrote: jeff buckley is one of my favorite musicians of all time. i consider him to be the greatest singer and overall talent in the history of 'rock' music (i'm obsessive in the amount of music i listen to so that ranks him above hundreds of others). he's one of the best guitar players ever (i've been playing guitar for 15 years so i know what i'm talking about), the greatest singer (again, in my opinion), and one of the absolute best lyricists and songwriters (i think that should be everyone's opinion). with that said, i knew it was going to be hard for anyone to play jeff, no matter what, especially since they were going to have to sing for themselves. Penn Badgley did an excellent job. I've never seen gossip girl, but Margin Call is one of my all time favorite movies (i'm fascinated by the financial collapse of '07), and i thought Badgley was pretty good in it. I really thought he was excellent as Jeff and i hope he decides to release some music in the future because he can really sing and is a pretty decent guitar player. i don't know anything about tim buckley so i can't speak on his casting. Overall, the beginning/middle of the movie was a little slow and laboring, but i thought the last 35-40 minutes were truly excellent, and, though the manufactured love story was a little forced, they managed to tie it together well in the end with a nice standing-outside-a-taxi-cab-goodbye-forever, which is a relatable experience. i recommend this movie to any buckley fan with an open mind who can accept that there will never be a perfect person to play jeff, and to film fans who can tolerate an imperfect movie with a ton of music intertwined within the story. i don't know if you can comment on reviews on here, but if you can, feel free to let me know if you agree!

Charla H (jp) wrote: I think it is just so sad and yet so cute when he is Carrying his lovers body in to the sea .

Hayden H (us) wrote: not bad but not very good enough to bring a franchise. I saw it again and I couldn't even finish it's so painful

Carter R (fr) wrote: 100% hysterical. Best stand-up comedy I've ever seen

Bradd G (au) wrote: I seriously can't believe I saw this in theaters. 90 minutes and 9 bucks wasted. Awful performances, no plot, lame action sequences.


Niamh E (it) wrote: not bad for a tv movie.esp not bad for a true movies movie. Touching movie with nice performance from Hank Azaria.

Luc T (es) wrote: Worst. Video. Game. Movie. Ever.

John D (nl) wrote: There's no reason to watch Wild Man Blues unless you're a huge Woody Allen fan, and even then there's no big insight into Allen's life that isn't hinted at in his own films.

Graeme H (gb) wrote: Excellent movie. Meeting an older American woman in Positano who had done a Shirley Valentine made me need to see it again.

Alex S (us) wrote: Brilliant debut film of Steven Seagal

Andrew R (au) wrote: an enjoyable film, easy watching, moves along at a good pace,

Greg W (jp) wrote: good western set in winter

Chris (br) wrote: If there is one thing the '80s did just as good as Horror, it's probably Teen Sex Comedies.This one ain't that bad, mostly due to the smokin' hot Caren Kaye and the hilarious Crispin Glover who spends the entire movie trying to get some and continually failing.The music, however, is shit and the print used for the DVD looked pretty bad, probably came from a VHS tape.