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Females torrent reviews

Corey P (fr) wrote: decent TV movie - a Terry Fox biopic starring "Iceman" from the XMen movies. It falls victim to "Canadian Director Syndrome" in some parts, and theres some goofs I noticed, but overrall it's a lot better than I expected. Tuned in to watch a few minutes of another bad Canadian TV movie, and ended up watching it through to the end.

Dai L (gb) wrote: Ugh, this was considered a good movie? Bland direction, cinematography, and plotlines ruin an otherwise intriguing and realistic look at the day-to-day lives of 4 godless Japanese women. While not nearly as grating/moronic/unrealistic/hideous as the closest American equivalent, Sex and the City, SS fails to affect; rather, it chooses to stimulate using cheap methods and easy/cliched topics such as bulimia and unrequited love. If it had been a braver look at what troubles Japanese society, perhaps it would have lived up to the general hype around it. The loneliness topic has been done to death, and on this particular subject, the superb Memories of Matsuko cannot be dethroned.The "Hap-pee-bas-day" part did make me chuckle though, half a star extra for that.

Vivian G (ag) wrote: A lot of good actors and actress and don't you just love the power of love, in this movie it had short scenarios of love.

Paul H (es) wrote: Poor Storyline, really Geyyy lol

Alex W (ca) wrote: This is a very Hollywood insider movie, it might even extend one level deeper into hollywood actress insider. Naomi watts does a great job as a struggling actress, you really get an insight into what this life can be like. The movies biggest weakness this the visual quality, it was shot on something cheep. There are few people who will like this, but the ones who do will love it.

Steve D (jp) wrote: Very dark but interesting. I enjoyed the look at a young lecter

Andrew G (kr) wrote: Dated as all hell, but an interesting look at double standards and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Hsinning C (es) wrote: Reflect a particular era of the lives of Taiwanese teenagers. The arcade video entertainment center and the moist, dusty traffic in Taipei show a close observation of the time.

Josep P (mx) wrote: Autor! Autor! [1982]

Phil S (au) wrote: Davis as a tragic coquette-- Claude Rains is wonderful

Charlie D (mx) wrote: Rudderless may have a compelling cast and soundtrack, but becomes too melodramatic. Some of the cast like Selena Gomez where absolutely unnecessary and didn't help the movie achieve any more greatness just instead dragged it down. Some parts of the movie left me bewildered and often bored. Rudderless is that kinda movie where nothing is gained and nothing is lost.

Jacob B (au) wrote: With stunning computer-animation, great voice acting and full of hilarity for both kids and adults (adults will probably laugh more due to the subtle adult jokes), Shrek, the first ever Academy Award for Best Animated Feature winner, not only manages to parody fairy tales and Disney but it also successfully established DreamWorks Animation as a prime competitor to Pixar (primarily in terms of computer animation).

Andrew G (us) wrote: Bottom of the barrel stuff.

Jiri B (mx) wrote: Chevy Chase is just plain funny.