Fern Hill

Fern Hill

ERN HILL is a coming of age story about four 13 year old boys on a weekend in 1987 into the mountains of Colorado in search of a father and a lost plane. The unexplained mystery of Colin's father and his small Cesna that disappeared seven years ago compels a boy to find an answer, or at least try. And true friends understand ... so together, they leave. Adventure, struggle, fear, and hope binds a story of real lives and leaves a healing memory of youth and redemption.

FERN HILL is a coming of age story about four 13 year old boys on a weekend in 1987 into the mountains of Colorado in search of a father and a lost plane. The unexplained mystery of Colin's... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark W (br) wrote: A fine but simple film that isn't meant to make us sad (it well might) but instead represents the indomitable spirit of mankind. It also represents the untold story of so many (including my own family's).

M R (ru) wrote: BRING THE FILM TO AZ

Luke B (us) wrote: Another Sy-Fy monster mash. Corman produces this tale about a huge Hawaiian snake that eats people. Michael Madsen is the professor looking to study the eggs, and there's a low-budget movie crew on hiatus. The biggest disappointment is that this is pretty much just another giant snake movie, the piranha element never really takes off. You'd expect someone to have the skin stripped from their bones, but nope. The effects were actually quite decent and I enjoyed the beautiful Hawaiian landscapes that were captured on film. There are some horrific lines, just how I like it, but some of the actors seem very bored being on screen. The ones that are having a lot of fun make up for it though. Enjoyable, and best of all it ha its own surf-music theme song.

John O (gb) wrote: The Yorkshire gripper. An actually not too bad Yorkshire horror!

Karate C (us) wrote: One of the best movies I've seen in my entire life. And looks like it's misunderstood and hugely underestimated. Man's daughter is true genius and I believe that despite ignorant reviews by children minded reviewers won't discourage her. this is a true jewel

Ali A (br) wrote: This is cinema. this is what cinema is all about. it's been some time since I've seen a movie that reminded me of that fact.. this is it.

Eliabeth H (gb) wrote: Pretentious, unnecessary, and only slightly stylish.

Anne F (kr) wrote: A very British drama about school boy friendships and family relationships being put to the test. Lovely, very natural acting from the whole cast.

ralph e (fr) wrote: If your looking for a good laugh this is the to watch.

Dustin D (au) wrote: A mesmerizing film and probably the best telling of the gunfight at the OK Corral story.

Brandon W (au) wrote: After watching The Last Exorcism, I was curious to see what the sequel was going to bring if they make one that is. Well , they finally made one, but it doesn't have the same director nor the writers too as they had different movie projects which for director Daniel Stamm, it's 13 Sins. Now I admit, I was a bit skeptical about it as this is an Asian remake which the only films that only worked are a The Ring and The Grudge. With that said, 13 Sins is a great film that it should've been in larger theaters like The Last Exorcism. Mark Webber is absolutely great in this and makes a good transition from scared to worried, to just plain intimidating. The main character is pretty developed enough that the viewers want him to complete all 13 challenges. I haven't seen any of the films that Devon Graye was in, but when he played the handicapped brother, he is entirely believable in it that I first thought that he was actually handicapped. The writing is pretty good that brings out some good thrills, and unexpected dark humor that's funny. There were some moments that o wonder if it was going there because of that one scene, and it does which made it a bit predictable. It's disturbing, but it's never too disturbing that it'll turn some moviegoers away, although the gore might which the effects looks off. Ron Perlman is pretty good, and the twists are pretty effective. Even though 13 Sins wasn't trying to scare the viewers and was trying to disturb them which Daniel Stamm's previous film The Last Exorcism was trying to do both, it still got me invested to know where it's going next and has a bit of a fast pace to keep the viewers interested.

Thomas Z (ag) wrote: I loved this movie, but I hate how people represent it's like short circuit. It's Not!!