Story of Enzo Ferrari's rise from a successful race driver to one of the most famous entrepreneurs of all time. Being interviewed by a fictitious, intrusive young journalist he recalls his setbacks and personal losses.

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Ben H (it) wrote: After a couple of those first moments I said, "They better not keep this up ALL movie!"Then I realized that I shouldn't be so quick to judge which is the story of my life, and just give it a chance. I ended up REALLY liking it! Movies that are about simplicity, are my favorite. My favorite movie of all time (12 Angry Men) gives that sense to its viewers. But they are never simple movies! They just give off that feeling so you can now digest the complexity of it.In this particular film they talk in a hotel conference room where the wedding they're at is held, go up stairs, hang out on the roof for some air for maybe 5-10 minutes, go back to the hotel room, then outside into cabs ... end movie.However, in the midst of this "simplicity" we find out the relationship between the two characters, the severity of the situation, and the feelings of the two. So we think, "what's going to happen next here? I wonder how this is going to affect their lives and the lives of those close to them?"And if you want to think like a filmmaker (blocking, hiting marks on the correct timing, yet still making it believeable, this or that angle for this part with this monologue during), it just gets even more complex and not so simple anymore. All of this "simplicity" went through my mind while viewing,I recommend for any avid movie goer that's slightly more interested than your average person. The "tactic" or the "gimmick" of this film that probably was the reason on what sold it to the right people to get it made, may be a turn off to your average movie goer.

Amanda H (ag) wrote: I've seen movies with this identical plot countless times- and almost all of them were better than this one. The Cary Grant thing was just lame, and it brought down the rest of the movie. There were a few charming scenes throughout, but mostly I just wanted this to end.

Jaden K (ru) wrote: I like Hellblazer and this movie was decent. I think Keanu Reeves is a shitty actor and I ponder how he's ridden off of The Matrix for this long. Reeves pulls off a decent John Constantine. The plot was interesting, but not too interesting, so when some scenes are very drawn out, the film feels tedious. I would recommend this film to people that want a dumb supernatural thriller, but not to fans of Hellblazer.

Hillary D (fr) wrote: Very funny performance

Daniel D (fr) wrote: Starts off really slow, and kind of stupid. And while the plot remains ridiculous throughout, once the action kicks in - and it does so in a spectacular fashion - the film becomes great. It's almost as if the film has two different directors. When I saw the first Borne film I thought that the filmmakers must have been inspired by the way this film uses its urban environments some some incredibly creative and surprisingly violent confrontations.

Manur H K (mx) wrote: worth watching...make me realized what comes first...

Jorge G (jp) wrote: The alternate universe where magic is common ... a kinda darkish movie ... I want to own this one on DVD

Gregory W (jp) wrote: all star cast brings tha funny

Robert B (de) wrote: Wild at Heart is a crazy ride through a crazy land filled with all manner of crazy people. The film can be many things: comedy, romance, adventure, thriller, horror, etc. It draws many comparisons as well: Repo Man, Raising Arizona, Easy Rider. But at its core it is a unique love story that works. Wild at Heart is the type of film you just have to see for yourself.

David C (ru) wrote: Excellent animated film, one of the most funniest animated movies I ever seen, highly recommended for everyone!

Richard D (au) wrote: A great action film that has the New York realism of a Sidney Lumet film of the period, but is generally more action driven than his films. You really can't top Robert Shaw and Walter Matthau as leads, but really the entire supporting cast is superb.

Brandon S (it) wrote: This movie is a little better than what you might guess from the picture. A woman is raped by a vampire and gives birth to his half vampire son. The actor makes a good vampire. The movie makes the identity of the vampire so obvious its kind of funny.

Mark L (ca) wrote: Slow at first, but crescendos into a master work of art.....worth every effort you can make to see it....To pick a favorite Kurosawa film is painfully difficult, but if I had to pick, it would be this one.

Kerri L (br) wrote: I haven't even finished it. Watch til the kid leaves the precinct with Arnold.