Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Charismatic teen Ferris Bueller plays hooky in Chicago with his girlfriend and best friend.

A high school wise guy is determined to have a day off from school, despite of what the principal thinks of that. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ferris Bueller's Day Off torrent reviews

Kyle G (fr) wrote: This movie is very messy and atonal. Nicholas Winding Refn goes full-throttle with stylization and leaves any semblance of a story in the dust. Why, what a shock! Bronson is kooky but violent, and he's hurting people to a classical music score! Most unorthodox! Seen it all before in Clockwork Orange.

Suvi L (ru) wrote: Makes you appreciate even more what Mario's father did with the movie and how he accomplished it. Nicely shot and and some pretty funny and great scenes. The real persons in the end was a nice touch.

Stan S (es) wrote: First there are Charlize Theron playing a rich heiress and Penelope Cruz a Spanish dancer, both looking tike the true stars that they are. Stuart Townsend completes the trio which never quite becomes a literal menage-a-trois in this love story which one reviewer aptly compared to a hot fudge sundae. The setting is Europe before and during WW 2. It is a lavish and romantic story that I found thoroughly enjoyable in the great tradition of Hollywood movies. Great escapist fare with just enough literary content to make it worthwhile.

Timothy H (ru) wrote: its funny to see films like this that seems to bad but at least you get to see a lot of animals i seem to enjoy it because its so bad then again who knows maybe the book is not good to be made into a movie.

Olli H (fr) wrote: Castle Rock is a small town in Maine, which has peaceful & quiet society and that's the way the town Sheriff Alan Pangborn (Ed Harris) likes it. But change comes in the form of an antigues shop called "Needful Things" and it's owner Mr Leland Gaunt (Max von Sydow). The store attracts the whole town with its items, that seems to be everyone's greatest hopes, dreams & memories tied into various objects but the price is more than money and soon the town is falling slowly in the grips of the Devil himself, Mr Leland Gaunt...This have been on my watch-list for a quite some time now and the fact remains, that if you hype something too much, it simply cannot meet your expectations. While the story was a big built up to a long conversation, there was however a very positive thing in the acting part. Mr Max von Sydow was probably the best Devil I've seen in movies. His whole essence was excellent and his scenes were truly joyfull to watch.In the end, "Needful Things" was a good "based on a novel from Stephen King" movie but not the best of them and we can all agree that, if you don't want to get scared to death, murdered, killed or something else like that, you should never go to Maine (where almost all Stephen King's stories seem to place).

Michael M (ru) wrote: Fairly underrated but Jack's performance makes up for any flaws in pacing. Danny Devito must have smoked 1000 cigarettes while filming this movie.

Jeff H (fr) wrote: Barbara Streisand is a true gift. Her direction, performance, and vocal performance are all thrilling. The movie is a little gem with an intriguing plot (reminiscent of Twelfth Night) and outstanding performances from Mandy Patinkin and Amy Irving. Streisand's Yentl is a fire cracker of perseverance as her gender bending mixes love with a man and his soon to be wife...the period piece isn't boring at all, as I almost expected it to be. The songs are absolutely fantastic and there are just a lot of things about this movie to celebrate. The screenplay is excellent and the ending is marvelous, as Yentl sets out to make something of herself and serve her father well with pride. It's a thrilling movie. B+

Christopher B (au) wrote: Wonderful, pulpy and highly effective anti-war horror. A cool monster and some creepy and wacky effects. Like what Darabont did with characters in The Mist, only 40 years earlier. Fun stuff with an excellent serious side.

Jennifer Del C (de) wrote: Terror oriental... Se le entiende los primeros 3 minutos y despues ya no sabes que esta pasando... de todos modos, SI te saca unos bueeenos sustos!! Es recomendable si tienes ganas de gritar

Lori S (us) wrote: Suburbia never seemed so real to me. (I'm the babysitter in the party scene! lol) My parents had and went to parties like this. Luckily the didn't meet any strangers. Anything with Ernie Kovacs in the cast is always a better film for it.

Stafford V (nl) wrote: They don't make teen movies like they used to.

Michael F (de) wrote: good old time slasher.