A young girl is a confidante to four men who regularly visit her in her apartment.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:1965
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Festivitetssalongen 1965 full movies, Festivitetssalongen torrents movie

A young girl is a confidante to four men who regularly visit her in her apartment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan V (jp) wrote: Assesses the state of political discourse in our country. We all know there is a problem with hatred and divisiveness. This documentary correctly lays the blame at the feet of 24 hour cable "news" networks (all of them), unchecked "facts" running through the Internet, and the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, allowing corporations to secretly spend unlimited amounts of money campaigns. To drive the message home, we get plenty of rational, level-headed politicians and newsmen, mostly retired. Most Americans would unfortunately hate this documentary, and instead turn on Hannity or Olberman, to have their partisan, inaccurate world views confirmed for them.

Yanni Y (kr) wrote: Way toooo OTT and dramatic start to the movie. But the whole "friendship shining through" theme is a great way to teach kids the beauty of friendship.

Canem C (us) wrote: WONDERFUL SOUNDTRACK! the movie? ahmmmm well i enjoyed it somehow, it could have been a great one, but could not, and i could not sort out why...since the acting was good, the story was good, the music was good...it felt like superficial, not going deep- the depth could be noticed but not on the screen...

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Shawn W (mx) wrote: Oil and gas executive gets sent to buy out a small oceanside Scottish town but finds he likes the small town lifestyle. Good story slightly tarnished by odd small side plot of a psychologist who verbally bereates the CEO. Worthwhile watch.

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Ola G (ca) wrote: A gang of violent neo-Nazis from Footscray, Victoria, Australia, attack two Vietnamese Australian teenagers, who are friends of Tiger (Tony Lee) in a subway tunnel at Footscray Station. The gang is led by Hando (Russell Crowe) and his friend and second-in-command, Davey (Daniel Pollock). They meet drug addict Gabrielle (Jacqueline McKenzie) the day after her sexually abusive, highly affluent father Martin (Alex Scott), has her junkie boyfriend beaten up. However, Gabrielle starts a romantic association with Hando. Some of the gang's skinhead friends visit from Canberra, one of whom has joined the Royal Australian Navy and is home on leave. After a long night of drinking, fighting, and sex, two members of the gang go to their local pub. Unbeknownst to them, the owner has sold it to a Vietnamese businessman. Upon seeing the new owner and his sons, they inform Hando. Hando and his gang arrive and savagely beat the new owner's sons. A third Vietnamese youth phones for help, before Tiger and several armed Vietnamese men descend upon the skinheads. The Vietnamese outnumber the skinheads and force them to retreat to their rented warehouse, where the Vietnamese ransack the building before setting it on fire. The gangs violent lifestyle will eventually split them up and the consequences will be harsh...David Stratton of SBS The Movie Show praised the acting style in the film but was appalled at the level of violence, and as a consequence refused to give it a rating while fellow Movie Show critic Margaret Pomeranz gave it five stars. Stratton also described the film in Variety as "A Clockwork Orange without the intellect". Director Geoffrey Wright was so upset by Stratton's rating that he later poured a glass of wine on Stratton during a chance meeting at the 1994 Venice Film Festival. Stratton would many years later clarify his rating stating: "I think Romper Stomper was a very well-made film and an extremely well-acted film, and I thought Geoffrey Wright had a lot of talent. What troubled me about Romper Stomper was that it was made in a time, I think 1992, when there had been some racial problems with young Vietnamese people, particularly in Melbourne, and...I thought the film could stir up more violence..." When I saw "Romper Stomper" back in the early 90s I remember being hit by the violence and the destructive nature of the characters which evidently becomes the destruction of their lifestyle and lives. Its not always spot on acting wise and the cinematography is a child of the 90s, but in general are Russell Crowe, the late Daniel Pollock and Jacqueline McKenzie strong in their performances and create interesting nuances in the storyline. The insight that love is the true path in life and not violence might at one hand feel a bit outdated as a topic, but works on the other hand well in this storyline. "Romper Stomper" is as current today as it was in 1992.

Panos Y (ca) wrote: Two idiots who you wouldn't trust to leave their front door in the morning decide to take the Transsiberian and to make a series of bad decisions and 'duh' behaviours... One of those films that you end up rooting for the bad guys.