Fetching Cody

Fetching Cody

Art, a drug-addicted dealer and hustler, arrives at his girlfriend Cody's apartment to find that she has overdosed on heroin. He tries to fix things by traveling back in time in an attempt to prevent her death.

Art, a drug-addicted dealer and hustler, arrives at his girlfriend Cody's apartment to find that she has overdosed on heroin. He tries to fix things by traveling back in time in an attempt to prevent her death. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fernando C (nl) wrote: its good, not great and not bad, just good

Kassy H (gb) wrote: The music in this movie is good

Ken T (fr) wrote: Ugh! Someone should check these writers for drugs before they make these things into flicks...Can't even call this one a bad "B" movie. It's more like a "C" flick..."

David B (ag) wrote: Set 30 years after Bogdanovich's masterpiece, The Last Picture Show, Texasville follows the fortunes of some of the original characters. Duane (Jeff Bridges) has struck it rich with oil, though he's $12 million in debt and his marriage to Karla (Annie Potts) is on the rocks. Jacy (Cybill Shepherd), a B-movie star, returns to her home town after the death of her child, while Sonny (Timothy Bottoms) is undergoing some kind of mental trauma. Though it's quite interesting to find out what happened to the characters, the structure is all over the place. Duane's son is having affairs with several of the town's women, but it's not entirely clear who they are and who they were married to. We also have to wait until the end of the film before we get a scene between Sonny and Ruth (Cloris Leachman), whose relationship had been central to the first movie. There are some good performances, particularly from Bridges and Potts, but Bottoms is woefully underused, and the character of Jacy isn't really believable. It's a real shame, given the quality of The Last Picture Show.

Nelson P (es) wrote: I thought that Jeremy Davies did an excellent job as Charles Manson. He looked just like him. I don't know if Charles acted like him or not but he at least portrayed him in a way that I think would be very similar to Manson.

Lemmy C (br) wrote: Heavily atmospheric day-in-the-life of Lemmon's clothes manufacturer, his many trials, tribulations, wrongs, rights, mistakes, and flings.

Guido M (nl) wrote: The first minutes of 21 Grams were the most confusing minutes of my life, as the movie begins with narrative jumps between the stories of these three people, Cristina Peck (Naomi Watts), Paul Rivers (Sean Penn) and Jack Jordan (Benicio del Toro), that get together because of a car accident, and you don't know what is going on, as the film plays with the timeline of the plot and goes from before the accident to after. But as the movie progresses, it comes together very smoothly, and then 21 Grams finds the perfect spot to end it all. Unfortunately, there is an hour and 20 minutes left still.21 Grams is an example of a perfect short film that was stretched into a full-length squandering. After the first 30 minutes, it fails to keep things interesting or even entertaining, but keeps shooting melodramatic hits at you like saying "Look at these people, their lives are so miserable". Worst of all, you sit through it waiting for a glimmer of hope in this despairing squalid wad.Of course, it's not all far gone as the characters in this film. The bleakness in 21 Grams is at times beautiful, mainly because of the masterful combination of director Alejandro Gonzalez Iarritu and cinematographer Rodrigo Pietro. Add to that a tear-jerking Gustavo Santaolalla Score and you've got yourself a pretty film. Then you get some nice performances from Naomi Watts and Benicio Del Toro, at times either a little too stiff or a little too exagerated but throughout very solid. And then the movie is an incurable mess.Everything, from the everlasting burden to the ridiculous runtime, I lost anything to hold on to, and when the credits roll, I was so happy, and promised myself never to sat through that depressing truss again.

Greg R (us) wrote: Raunchy, boring, dry and humorless, I just think this movie has been given more credit that what I think it deserves.

Brad S (fr) wrote: This is pure guilty-pleasure entertainment. Yes it is cheesy and predictable, but it is also fun and entertaining. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker have great chemistry and it was fun watching it again. Definitely the best film in the trilogy.