Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams

Ray Kinsella is an Iowa farmer who hears a mysterious voice telling him to turn his cornfield into a baseball diamond. He does, but the voice's directions don't stop -- even after the spirits of deceased ballplayers turn up to play.

The movie follows Ray Kinsella, a novice Iowa farmer who is commanded by several messages from a disembodied voice to construct a baseball diamond in the middle of his cornfield. He does it, and the Chicago White Sox come. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Field of Dreams torrent reviews

Catherine K (mx) wrote: Pretty good concept, however, the plot got confusing, with so many subplots opened, but never mentioned again. The "jumpscares" got old real quick, and overall, it was poorly executed.

Josh T (us) wrote: Pretty pretty good, can't wait to get the DVD has a bunch of cool extras, amazing story and i love me some AMWF films

M0ofi3 B (ag) wrote: Sounds intriguing...

Harsajjan S (mx) wrote: Very lame and dissapointing... LO!!!!!!!

Sam T (br) wrote: The film meanders but still an inspiring peek into his young at heart mind and the wondrous body of work that he has produced.

Sarah O (es) wrote: WANT TO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike M (ca) wrote: The kind of thing only a horny old goat of a director could get away with - if, indeed, you are prepared to indulge him... Jentsch, dubbed into Czech in easily the most unflattering role of her young career, has to keep one eye on a portrait of Hitler to stay in the mood during lovemaking, and there's a lot of running in and out of hotel suits. Catch a few seconds of it on TV, and you could be forgiven for mistaking it for a subtitled episode of "The Benny Hill Show". We get the briefest glimpse of the Jews being transported to the camps, but then it's a swift cut back to naked babes cavorting by the pool, and a very perfunctory denouement that holds no dramatic weight whatsoever.

M C (de) wrote: A charming and funny movie, worth a good watch. 64/100

Sean G (gb) wrote: One of the best MST3K episodes. Movie itself is idiotic.

BSH n (au) wrote: Very keen interest in this movie.Might be good movie and different from his roles as a James Bond. Really curious to see this movie and wanna see different role of Pierce Brosnan

Barbara D (au) wrote: This was quite a strange film. Although it had obvious faults (the main one being Andie MacDowell), this film is certainly 100 times better than most romantic comedies that I've seen. One thing that was strange was that some bits in the film were top notch. The scene with Rowan Atkinson as the struggling priest was hilarious, the scene when Charles is forced to watch the bride and groom on their wedding night (second wedding) was hysterical, and the funeral scene was heartfelt as well as the overall friendship of the main characters. However, this film did a very brave move. That move is love at first sight, when a character that we already know a bit falls in love with a character that we don't know a single bit about. Mike Newell was probably thinking, "Ok, Andie's smile is probably enough to win over the crowd." but when I was watching it, I thought, "Wow, she's really 90s. Her hair annoys me." The only time in which her character appeared interesting was the recounting scene with Charles. Appart from that, she's ordinary and frankly ... boring. Although I did find her boring, she did in a way redeem herself in the end of the film. I loved the ending since it broke the rules. Overall, this film is certainly in a completely different league from most romantic comedies, the more recent ones. Apart from the obvious faults, it's a good film.

Sancar S (nl) wrote: Sry. for too old suggestions. There are some complains time to time.

Francisco L (jp) wrote: This movie can be a little predictable, but its great cast and the original story are enough to forget that. Final Destination tries to transmit the message that all of we have a destiny and that we can't escape to it, but this attempt to transmit the message is destroyed by its weak screenplay, because all of we know that the water won't follow a specific path on the floor escaping to the laws of physic. Interesting.

Danny M (fr) wrote: The makeup ain't perfect, but Oliver Reed is always awesome, and Clifford Evans looks alarmingly like Claude Rains. A pretty good understanding of the basis of the werewolf myth. It's a little weird seeing Yvonne Romain as Reed's mother, after Night Creatures. I don't know why they set it in Spain, but whatever. It works okay. The creepy Marquis at the beginning reminds me of King Gama from Princess Ida.