Fiend Without a Face

Fiend Without a Face

An American airbase in Canada provokes resentment from the nearby residents after fallout from nuclear experiments at the base are blamed for a recent spate of disappearances. A captain from the airbase is assigned to investigate, and begins to suspect that an elderly British scientist who lives near the base and conducts research in the field of mind over matter knows more than he is letting on..

Invisible atomic monsters attack a U.S. Armed Forces base and the local residents. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fiend Without a Face torrent reviews

Tina Christina T (ag) wrote: Script wasn't all that great. It didn't exceed my expectations. The actress Sonam Kapoor was gorgeous though.

Rachel F (us) wrote: Although the actors deliver an emotionally-charged and believable performance, it's a fairly shallow pandemic movie, without anything to really hold it up, and a dreadful let-down of an ending.

shanay m (au) wrote: umm, so , a lot of nudity, sex and devious schemes, it's a hole new Gossip girl gone Korean!!! I know you are supposed to start to sympathize with Jo-won, but I couldn't, he was still a jerk, just because he finally fell for someone doesn't make him OK, the same goes with Lady Sook, exactly how stupid can a person be? apparently the bar for being stupid was pretty high in 18th century Korea. But Lady Cho deserved worse if you ask me.Pardon my slang review or thoughts of the movie, it's just that I expected much more from this movie based on reviews and ratings. I should admit though the movie was well made, the camera angles and lighting, costume design and make up were pretty good, the acting was really good as well, I just wasn't sold on the characters in the story. I would have given it more stars if I didn't find characters somewhat irritating!

Jonathan C (es) wrote: A decent sci-fi action with a little mystery thrown in that has great special effects. It only shares the title in common with the Asimov book that they ignored.

Chris C (it) wrote: The Matrix meets THX 1138/ Nineteen Eighty-Four

Ana B (es) wrote: Maravillosa historia de dramas familiares sin resolver.Aqu descubr la vala de Joaquim Phoenix..

Thomas N (kr) wrote: B-Movie mit nackter Alyssa Milano. Was will man mehr... :-)Hier ist allerdings der Film etwas weniger "B-Movie"

Paul D (au) wrote: Unfunny with an annoyingly superficial plot line. Dudley Moore just can't carry off his character driven sequel.

Samuel B (nl) wrote: So I suppose that the moral of the story is "don't do drugs," or maybe "don't take more than you are prescribed by your physician." Crazy movie really, but interesting and entertaining too. Its about a school-teacher who develops a rare vascular disease requiring that he take prescription cortisone which incidentally causes manic episodes in this particular case, in fact so extreme that at one point the school teacher decides he wants to kill his son and his wife and himself with a pair of scissors...exciting stuff. Probably would not watch again, but decent flick overall.

Kris C (gb) wrote: Neorealist classic from De Sica and Zavattini highlighting the poverty in post-War Milan. As beautiful as it is hilarious.

Cameron F (kr) wrote: Vacation ripoff starring Robin Williams as a father who takes his family on a trip before his kids grow up and time passes him by.