Filmmaker Amir Bar-Lev follows two Czech Holocaust survivors, Jan Weiner and Arnost Lustig, as they revisit Terezin, a labor camp where Arnost was interned for five years and Jan's mother was murdered.

Filmmaker Amir Bar-Lev follows two Czech Holocaust survivors, Jan Weiner and Arnost Lustig, as they revisit Terezin, a labor camp where Arnost was interned for five years and Jan's mother was murdered. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Evan O (au) wrote: Incredibly original and amazingly performed by the cast. like no other movie I've ever seen.

Kussai N (kr) wrote: For a 14 minute film I think this was magnificent and very touching.

Tommy D (ag) wrote: Amazing cinemtography and one of the most original plots of the last decade make Looper a fantastic experience for SCi-Fi lovers.The way Bruce Willis (old Joe) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (young Joe) interact is a pleasure to watch.If wasn't for the flaws that a movie regarding time travel inevitably has, Looper would be oe of the best movies of its genere.

Ryan H (gb) wrote: While it pales in comparison to the original, Iron Man 2 still delivers. The CGI is very realistic, and Jon Favreau's directing is top-notch. There are a handful of boring moments, but they're offset by fun, thrilling action and strong performances. RDJ is fabulous as usual, and Mickey Rourke is menacing and terrifying as Ivan Vanko/Whiplash, even if the character isn't true to the comics. Scarlett Johansson's first time as Black Widow is badass and occasionally funny.

Cari C (fr) wrote: Moving, heartfelt, and not a false moment in it. Wonderful acting. Will definitely recommend this to my friends. An Independent Gem.

Tim M (es) wrote: A twisted tale of abuse that gets more horrific with every turn. Strange is the operative word as the bizarre Japanese Family Circus starts off weird and gets more complicated as the story progresses. Sometimes it's shocking, sometimes it's boring, but the expert directing keeps it consistently eye-catching. I prefer Sono's Hair Extensions, Love Exposure and Cold Fish, but this perverted, surreal family drama has a lot going for it. It can get overwhelming, but the final scene is truly cathartic. A challenging, yet beautiful film.

Emily K (de) wrote: I saw alll the Inuyasha movies, but this was the best.

Deidre R (au) wrote: Sort of didn't know where it was trying to sit between comedy and sexual coming of age or ensemble piece, but enjoyable nonetheless. The main character has acid-tongued viper-woman guilt-layer-on mother person who is fairly scary!

Ben L (nl) wrote: More than 15 years ago I distinctly remember how my wife and I went to the theater after seeing a trailer that made us think The Royal Tenenbaums was going to be a great laugh-out-loud trip to the movies. Needless to say we were a little surprised and frustrated with what we saw (I wanted to get up and leave.) But it's years down the road, I'm more knowledgeable about movies now, and my tastes have broadened. Plus I've seen some other Wes Anderson movies, and I get him now, and understand what to expect out of his stuff. The problem...I'm wrong, I don't get Wes Anderson at all. His humor continues to be flat for me. His style, while meticulously detailed in every single visual, does nothing for me. His movies feel like they are capturing the lives of an alien race that has tried to emulate life on Earth but they still haven't quite mastered human behavior yet. Most of the performances are emotionless and expressionless, so it's dreadfully hard to care about anyone in the film. But I never know, with Wes Anderson's films, if he's aiming to impact me in any kind of emotional way or if he just wants to show me a pretty picture. Every once in awhile one of the better actors in The Royal Tenenbaums (like Gene Hackman or Bill Murray) will slide some acting past Anderson's sterilization and I get my hopes up..."maybe we'll have a real scene here!" But hopes are quickly dashed when the camera flips back to Gwyneth Paltrow or a Wilson. There was a point about 30 minutes into the movie when I began clock-watching. The movie is not painful to watch, I just lack any investment in the characters or their story, so I get bored. It looked good, but beauty is only skin deep, and beneath that beautiful facade is a whole bunch of bland.

Brent H (nl) wrote: Great 80's craziness with actually a pretty epic climax lol.

Anna B (ca) wrote: Man, I was so on board for this in the beginning, but it gets less and less interesting and fun as it goes on, until the final depressing and confusingly shot and edited shootout. Nolte's character is unbelievably boring, from start to finish, and the funny, entertaining special ops team have their enthusiasm slowly bled out of them (and the entertaining purple Southern dialogue becomes more grim and matter-of-fact) until the movie just feels generic and boring, which is a real shame considering how fun it is at the start.

Tom L (ru) wrote: Fascinating story of love, guilt, remembrance, and the human condition. Emotional pain is confounded against the background of atomic war and the German occupation of France. A truly memorable movie.

Nick S (mx) wrote: Very well made youth prison drama from DeMille but a little preachey towards the end. Just believe.

Peyton C (ru) wrote: The comic book style was original. I used to watch as a kid a lot.

Gina W (kr) wrote: Hard film to watch - but the cast performances were very good.

Bill R (fr) wrote: an interesting little anthology of horror. most the holidays don't usually get a horror treatment so this had a bit of a different spin to it. a few of the stories were decent but over all they just didn't hit the market or they made up some weird story to fit into or around the holiday they were based after. not terrible if you're looking for something to kill some time but nothing to go out of your way to find.