Fighting Spirit

Fighting Spirit

Billy is a young fighter whose sister Judith was hurt after a near gang rape. When he learns she must have surgery, crime boss Russell has Billy compete in illegal street fights. When Billy learns he may get killed, he quits but is later killed by Russell and his men, who were the ones responsible for Judith's accident. After his death, Billy must rely on one man to seek revenge for him: his best friend David. However, David must train in the martial arts before he can seek revenge. Davidy seeks guidance from the ghost of Billy as well as Billy's trainer and ally, Murphy.

Billy is a young fighter whose sister Judith was hurt after a near gang rape. When he learns she must have surgery, crime boss Russell has Billy compete in illegal street fights. When Billy... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eeliel L (gb) wrote: Tiene muchos elementos de una pelcula familiar de ciencia ficcin, pero le hace falta ese encanto y no ofrece mucho a pesar de su formato.

Frank Santos C (kr) wrote: Oh my God! This movie is so idiotic thats irritating. I hated that i wasted time watching this piece of steaming crap! Horrible. But it's my fault for trying to watch an effin "teen" movie.

Gleb I (nl) wrote: Combined with the more popular and better funded "Gomorra" this movie paints a pretty clear picture of the dealings of the Camorra. Unlike the Garrone / Saviano blockbuster however, this 90 minute ode to corruption and murder is centered more around the life of one man - journalist Giancarlo Siani. Borderline dark comedy, beautiful, playful, and filled with a mixture of sarcasm and cold blooded realism this movie is more artistic, and less docu-drama than it's predecessor. Hopefully these two films, combined with numerous documentaries which have also surfaced in recent years, will continue to influence public opinion against organized crime & the corruption, pollution and death that come with it in southern Italy.

Aby S (es) wrote: I really like it, the whole plot.. the way how a fairytale turns out to be a sad story of escape, but yet stays positive. I love the whole complexity of the story, the little girl, and the fisherman and his addiction and the 'lady from the sea' who chooses to play along. Farrel and Bachleda both did a great job! I just had difficulty understanding everything, because of the native Irish fisherman accent. :)

Nathan H (gb) wrote: Engaging and enraging, "Sand and Sorrow" works not just as a documentary about the current political situations in the Sudan (and, of course, the genocide in Darfur), but also as a horrifying portrait of international apathy. Heartbreaking to watch survivors plead for political help, and politicians offer only token "support" and in-speech sympathy.At times, I was critical of this film because it didn't seem to provide much footage of the initial genocide (I'm not a sadist; but we just see lots of footage of sand and graves and refugee camps, and I didn't think I was getting a clear picture of what was actually happening in Darfur)...but, as I thought about it, this makes the film all the more powerful. There simply was no footage of most of the atrocities because most journalists and mainstream news stations ignored the genocide! So much of the film relies upon the brave work of a few, which adds an extra dimension to this documentary.Yes, this is the story of Darfur. But it is also the chronicle of how such an important story can be relegated to non-story status.

Warren W (gb) wrote: It was ok.... Not terrible, but not great. The jokes we're kind of slapstick and corny.

Adam M (kr) wrote: Made a long, wide hallway chase look very scary. That cat-and-mouse and the sound of a murder victim screaming for the mute witness would fit well in your nightmares.

Michael M (gb) wrote: While it was nice spending some time with an old friend like John Candy, this movie isn't really the best way to do it. Ally Sheedy isn't what I'd call "attractive" and although there's a few funny scenes, I wouldn't classify this as a "comedy."

Danielle M (mx) wrote: perfect for a girly night in

Sarah H (ca) wrote: Sometimes it was a little cheesey for me, and I like musicals, but they just seemed to be bursting into song for no apparent reason. The little girl was really cute, but I think they should have gone with the story line of the secretary a little further, because I like tom boys who still know how to everything that the guys do.

Brian C (de) wrote: Deep in the Darkness suffers from the rare condition of too much plot going on, and sadly no real likeable characters. Sean Patrick Thomas does a competent job as Dr. Michael Cayle, a doctor who takes over the practice in Ashborough. But things quickly go south with strange events, and a terrible secret the town has.But there is just too much going on, making the story very unfocused, and sadly prevents any real tension to build up.

Tim M (us) wrote: "Smart, bloody, well-written, and incredibly creepy." The Nemesis program has progressed significantly, but Leon doesn't know that when he gets sent to Eastern Europe to investigate Las Plagas rumors. Amazing CGI, sweet action and an epic boss fight.

Sylvia C (ag) wrote: wanted to see this in theater but never got around to it. Tim, the Tool man Taylor!