Fighting Street

Fighting Street


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1943
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Fighting Street torrent reviews

Kim20 L (de) wrote: I am not sure how this film has gotten the ratings that it has--sure, the camera work and lighting are nice, and Adam Driver is, as always, great. But other than that, the film is greatly flawed. I, contrary to others who've written bad reviews, don't mind the slowness, nor the Ground-Hog-Day vibe. The problem for me with this film is its portrayal of art, especially that of poetry. But, I'll start with the lesser evil: the wife's character. She is portrayed as an eccentric, but that eccentricity does not come off as endearing or interesting, but needy and flaky. It is almost like we're being asked to critique and laugh at her, an act of judgement that seems in conflict with her husband's supposed admiration of her. This doesn't seem like character complexity as much as it does character confusion. Honestly, the husband's character seems bored or even used in the relationship. And now, for my main gripe: the film's portrayal of poetry. Let us remind ourselves that poetry is a legitimate art form to which people (such as Driver's character in the film) dedicate themselves seriously. That's why it is so disappointing and contradictory that the 'poems' in this movie are bad. If we are to have a character who is a secret, budding poet-genius, we must be able to believe that he is really that. When we watch a film about a musical genius, usually the music is very well made--at the very least, executed by a professional. I'd find it hard to believe a 'professional' in literature was consulted on the 'poems' of this film. (Is this because people think of poetry as being a lesser art?) The bad execution of the poetry makes Driver's character seem as if he's tinkering with the art at best, and I feel that for those of us who care deeply about the literary arts, the poetry in the film does not have the desired effect of inciting interest or wonder in the minutiae of daily life but instead reduces it to idiomatic corniness.

Miranda B (it) wrote: This movie suffers from the modern day horror problem of the 'ghost'(or spirit or entity or etc) having UNLIMITED power, with no way to defeat it. There's no real reason for the ghosts power given other than 'because voodoo'. It's hard to suspend disbelief for a ghost/power that can do anything, anywhere, anytime it wants, with zero checks to that power. Lazy story telling/writing. The 'heroine' is stupid, weak and boring without out the common sense God gave a jar of crunchy peanut butter. Plus it's REALLY creepy that she wears so many low cut dresses when the only person she knows she's going to see is her FATHER. She doesn't look overly slutty since her breasts aren't very big, but still, daddy doesn't need your bra-less boobies front and center daily.Don't waste your time.

Rik H (ca) wrote: Almost unwatchable. Spent over half the film on the last two years without Mick Jones.

Gourab K (ag) wrote: Well, good plot, very good camera work, good sound engineering and pretty good screenplay and acting in the middle section. But awefully adverse screenplay and acting in the beginning and the closing section. It was as if I was watching two different films one is of the opennin and closing and other the middle section. The presidential matter was highly exaggerated and boring. Worth watching only once. Atif does not know a bit of acting. Half star more for the camera work.

Susanna M (es) wrote: I liked it. Could be even better.

Aaron O (it) wrote: Brilliantly presented take on the drugs war.

Moe R (ru) wrote: I thought this was pretty good, although it can be confusing. Not for everyone, especially those "hollywood" buffs.

Edgar C (es) wrote: Ohhh, this is the evidence I needed. Even if it's a movie of the 2000s, you can revive the absorbing and claustrophobic environment that invaded the thrillers of the 80s and early 90s. The swimming pool is a metaphor: all we see are the leaves and the dirt floating, and even if removed, we clearly see the surface and ignore what lies on the bottom. "The tip of the iceberg in thrillers", you could say about Ozon's movie, regardless of how young he directed it.The twist is quite clear. The "you-can-interpret-what-you-want" law does not apply in this case; only the time frame of the twist varies in each person. For the sake of avoiding spoilers, though, it won't be written here.85/100

Jonathan M (gb) wrote: one of zombies worst but it still had some great scenes

Charlie H (kr) wrote: Needs to be more movies like this.

Adam C (kr) wrote: I was charmed with an atmosphere that combined classic American gore-exploitation and Italian giallo. Sadly, my initial delights was crushed with further numerous simplifications.

Don S (ca) wrote: This mystery has many twists that happen mostly in the last 20 minutes of the movie. Continue watching in the credits, as this is when it shows you events that previously happened but were only heard and not seen. Denise Richards is smoking hot here. Decent acting with a seemingly simple a to b story, that becomes nearly so convoluted as to be unbelievable.