Figures in a Landscape

Figures in a Landscape

Two escaped convicts (Robert Shaw and Malcolm McDowell) are on the run in an unnamed Latin American country. But everywhere they go, they are followed and hounded by a menacing black helicopter.

The film follows two escapees (Robert Shaw and Malcolm McDowell) in a relentless game of cat and mouse over various terrains of uncompromising beauty. Everywhere they go they are observed and hounded by a menacing black helicopter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Faith B (br) wrote: Quirky little indie film with a good cast but got silly towards the end and Vinnie still has a long way to go before he gets nominated for an Oscar!

Mattias E (mx) wrote: Drifting Flowers is a loosely interconnected narrative three stage rocket launching a humble meditation on same sex relationships in various stages of development and recognition. It also signals a return for director Zero Chou to the more simple format of her debut Splendid Float, shying away from the glossy pretentiousness of her last film Spider Lilies. This means that Drifting Flowers is a visually less fascinating work, but Chou's focus on characters and real situations ultimately results in an more rewarding movie experience. Veteran actor Lu Yi-Ching and new talent Chao Yi-Lan both impresses thoroughly.

Gerardo S (nl) wrote: Terrible... nothing else to say

Matthew B (ru) wrote: More like One Missed opportunity. While the original may not be a perfect horror film, but it's way way better than this movie when it comes to exaction and a pay off.

Ryan C (it) wrote: It's got a few good laughs, but ultimately it's just another mediocre comedy for Dane Cook to drive into the ground.

Charlie M (fr) wrote: An elderly antique dealer in Mexico is harassed by thugs of a rich industrialist in search of an ancient mechanical device that seemingly grants eternal life. The old man accidentally activates the golden scarab granting him youth with unexpected consequences. Ron Perlman steals this movie playing the grumpy goon obsessed with rhinoplasty. Possibly the least sexual vampire movie made, the focus is more on eternal life and obsession with a dash of child-like wonder.Set during Christmas in Mexico City, this film a wholly original and unfolds like a fairy tale with classical archetypes (elderly shopkeeper, evil rich man in dark tower) and gallows humor. There are enough layers of religiosity in the movie to call it a parable and enough heart, wit & charm to make it enjoyable on every level. Originally rated R but other than swearing in both English and Spanish this move is fine for ages 10 and up.(Sidenote: the marketing randomly includes a hot blondes being attacked, which couldn't be further from the truth. Don't remember a single attractive woman on screen.)

Stewart F (fr) wrote: Excellent. Ian Richardson is superb as the smarmy, but ruthless Francis Urquhart. Andrew Davies is the master at adapting books to television.

Roosje H (au) wrote: Lots and lots of gypsy music and dance. Beautiful movie!

Emily S (de) wrote: Strange and dark. Worth watching just to experience it, but I don't know if I would rewatch. I just didn't find much of the story very engaging, I felt like more should have happened, and visually it bored me.

Stephen C (au) wrote: A late Richard Lester gem which deserves to looked at with better critical eyes 30 years after its first release. Sean Connery puts in a good performance as an English mercenary called in by the toppling Cuban goverment to curtail the activities of the Rebels. What follows involves him with an old flame the Goverment and the rebels and of Course American interests . The love story part of the film is a bit stale probably because actress Brooke Adams is way to young to cut it as a connery love interest. But what does work is Lester eye for suppoert casting and of course background deatail. The supporting cast includes Martin Baslam,Denholm Eliot,Hector Elizondo and Jack Weston all get some good lines and parts to get their teeth into. Lester stages the fall of the goverment very well and for a fan of Lesters films i consider this to be a real little gem ,a few flaws in that gem but well worth unearthing

Byron B (es) wrote: nominated for best picture by NBR