Filhos de Joao, O Admiravel Mundo Novo Baiano

Filhos de Joao, O Admiravel Mundo Novo Baiano


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Filhos de Joao, O Admiravel Mundo Novo Baiano torrent reviews

Jeff B (jp) wrote: Annoying, except for the corporate bureaucracy insight. Lorenzo's Oil was much better.

Christine C (au) wrote: haven't seen this version but love the tv series.

Nicki M (jp) wrote: I wasn't terribly impressed. Yes, it's filmed beautifully and the black and white is effective. But to me, it's two hours of people getting drunk and dribbling s$&t. And the drunken singing, dear god, make it stop. I'm not an idiot who can't appreciate films as art and likes everything nicey nice with a happy ending. Some of my favourite movies are dark as hell. This, however, is just too long and it's irritating. If I wanted to watch drunken fools, I could go hang out down the pub. I was interested in the premise of an unhappy couple and the monotony of suburbia, but these weren't like regular people. I thought this theme was done very well in Revolutionary Road, and I guess I thought this might be in the same vein. To top it all off, the mono sound meant I had to watch the whole movie with subtitles on because I could hardly understand what anyone was saying. (Then I felt like maybe I should switch them off again as maybe it would be preferable to the nonsense they were actually talking). Even having a hooker as a character couldn't make this interesting.This movie seems very popular, but I can't believe it's just me.

Brody M (ru) wrote: Custer was a CRAZY..........

Julia B (ru) wrote: Some of the characters are likeable (not John Wayne's), and both thumbs up for the music. The rest, not so good.

Sam P (ca) wrote: Underwritten by its supremely dumbo ending.

Richard R (fr) wrote: Admittedly I was alone and wasted on red wine, but the right ingredients make the right dish.

Jesse O (br) wrote: Nostalgia is a hell of a thing. It allows to see any form of entertainment from our past in a more favorable light than how we would actually view them as more rational and level-headed adults. That's why, sometimes, it's really hard for people to go back to the movies they loved as children. Sometimes they even avoid watching them altogether to keep from ruining those memories. So, yes, to me, Gremlins would be one of those films from my past that I loved as a child. It wasn't actually hard for me to watch this, since I've been wanting to watch it since last year's holiday season, but I just got around it to now. But, if I'm being honest, I was a little afraid that time wouldn't have been kind to this movie in its, almost, 33 years since release. But, color me surprised when I find out that this movie, does in fact, hold up after over three decades. Would I have liked this movie more if I was alive in 1984 than I did now? It's probable, but I'm not complaining about that since I found the movie to be a really entertaining flick. It also manages to sneak in some critique of consumer culture and consumerism in general. So it works on both levels. Does the movie have its rough spots? Yes, it does. I do think that the first 45 minutes, or until the first villainous gremlins appear, are a little tough to get into. The movie is never bad, of course, but you know that nothing is really gonna move forward until the gremlins do appear. They don't kill time until they get there, but it takes a little while before it gets going. It's kinda surprising that Gizmo, the adorable Mogwai featured in the movie, was a big children's toy when the film came out, I mean of course it was, which ironic given what the film criticizes. And I say surprising because, while this movie may have been rated PG when it first came out, there was no PG-13 back in the day. It was actually introduced shortly after this film came out, like a month later, as a result of how violent this movie (and Temple of Doom) both were. And that's the thing, Gizmo was seen as a kids' toy, but this isn't, by any definition, a kids' movie in the slightest. The gremlins kill several people in the movie, at least that you get to see. They get drunk, get into fights and generally they do a bunch of shit that you wouldn't see a "kids' movie" get away with now, seeing that parents are so fucking sensitive about stuff like that. There was a certain cognitize dissonance between audiences and the actual movie. It's like they thought Gizmo was cute and cuddly for their kids, regardless of the fact that he was created for a movie that it surprisingly violent. Just something to think about, really. It doesn't affect the movie one way or the other, at least to me. The gremlins going nuts and attacking anything and everything that moved was the film's highlight. And you get close to an hour of that. You might think that the gremlins' shtick gets old after a while, but I do believe they find new ways and clever ways to amp up the destruction the gremlins end up causing. Like I said, the movie is far more violent than the PG rating would imply, it's not close to an R-rating, but I even find that it's slightly more violent than even PG-13. And this is why a third sequel, particularly nowadays, worries me a lot. I'm worried because of the way the business is today that they'll strip away the film's horror elements, and I know the sequel was more darkly comedic, in exchange of a kid-friendly affair because they know they'll be able to sell far more Gizmos in this day and age than they could have in the 80s. And I don't want the film to sacrifice its own integrity just for the sake of more merchandising money. But, again, I think parents being more sensitive nowadays will make the third movie a family-friendly affair. And that pisses me off. Not because it 'ruins my childhood', which is a ridiculous nerd saying, but because the gremlins are meant to be dark and violent. So I'm hoping they don't sacrifice that style due to studio pressure. But I digress, I really liked this movie quite a bit. It definitely takes its time before introducing the gremlins themselves, but when they do, it really kicks into high gear and it doesn't really let up. I can't complain much about this movie. It's not gonna be everyone's cup of tea, particularly over 30 years after it originally came out, but a quality film is a quality film and this is definitely one of those.

Fadi B (au) wrote: An Amazing movie with great plot and funny characters and lots of fun. Even kids will enjoy it!

Russell G (br) wrote: I think this is supposed to be inspired by Tyson's jail stint, but it's just a bunch of bullshit that's light on action and long on poor drama.

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