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Film Film Film

Classic Soviet cartoon about the film industry.

The trials and tribulations of putting a feature film together . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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corey m (br) wrote: Almost everything wrong with this film can be summed up in Tyler Perry. Who thought he was an action star? He looks feminine even when slapping around a scientist. His inability to properly convey any emotion besides anger reminds me why he's madea more often than not. His fight scenes are the worst I've seen since Daredevil. His failure at technical jargon makes it worse. Alex Cross has a doctorate in psychology, but the way Perry spews dialog like he has a speech impediment makes you wonder about what college he went to. i wish this was all that's wrong with this film but...the final action sequence is cliched and predictable, but made all the worse because it's a prequel to both Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider so YOU KNOW ALEX CROSS SURVIVES THIS! And if you didn't you should have figured it out when Mrs. Cross is killed! Speaking of the other Alex cross films, what happened to the criminal behavioral analysis they pay Alex Cross for? The detective work in this film is just as laughable as the detective work in Batman Forever. But I'm going to give it a star just for having a black man in the lead, being a husband and father with a job. All in all an example of what not to do.

Wes S (ag) wrote: recommended by LWOODS04

jarrad b (de) wrote: Love the poster a nice old school feel to it. The movie itself was just a straightforward horror movie, with the main actor fairly emotionless and the other actors struggling.

Charlotte N (es) wrote: I kind of liked this one... it was very different. It was a long time since I saw it so I don't have it in clear memory but I do remember being scared and confused about the weird quality, it was like it was filmed by a cam or something, and it was rented on DVD so I know it was supposed to be like that. Somewhat like "Paranormal Activity" only it was a gang of girls in the woods trying to stay alive.. :P

Anna R (mx) wrote: although poo humor is always funny... i don't need to watch someone else do it badly. i can do that myself.

Nick C (au) wrote: Quality film, Michael Jai White a good actor...


Adam R (ca) wrote: (First viewing - Teen years)

Private U (gb) wrote: Great movie with a great story.

Arthur R (jp) wrote: I so want to see this. :/

Dave J (ca) wrote: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 (1984) Night Of The Comet SCIENCE-FICTION DRAMA Written and directed by Thom Eberhardt directing a movie that almost has no plot whatsoever, full of 1980's music throughout, but it does consist of a unique set up with remnants that is similar to George Romero's original "Dawn Of The Dead" and "The Omega Man" movies. It starts out with crowds of people gathering for the sighting of an expected 'comet' hitting the earth- similar to Haley's comet. The star Catherine Mary Stewart as Regina bickering with her step mother through the phone in a movie theatre where all she want to do is stay behind so that she can make out with her boyfriend in a confined room. And the next thing you know, the assumed unthreatened comet ends up wiping out much of the entire population, turning much of them into dust, while others are infected by radiation. Viewers are not shown the devastation, and is only assumed until after Regina is starting to discover it herself. She becomes a little frantic wandering whether or not anyone else had made it too, particularly her sister, Samantha (Kelli Maroney). She does, and they end up being the only survivors on that particular city, until they go straight to a radio station is where they meet a trucker named Hector, played by Robert Beltran. All I can say is that out of many zombie movies, this is probably the most subtleness zombie movie anyone has ever saw, since much of the movie consists of the characters fighting amongst each other- and not so much about them going against the zombies- as a matter of fact, they're not very zombies at all for these ones seem to disintegrate by themselves, and that they need the transfer of human blood to keep them alive. Now, while I love the superficial ending, I don't care too much about the soundtrack. 2.5 out of 4 stars

Allan C (it) wrote: Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs! Ray Harryhausen dinosaurs to be precise. I've seen most of Harryhausen's films, but this is one I'd never seen before, so I could watch this one fresh and not have my judgement of it clouded by any childhood nostalgia, and I do have to say that Mr. Harryhausen. James Franciscus wants to capture a Tyrannosaurus Rex living in a hidden alley to save a traveling wild west show. It's not "Citizen Kane" but it was pretty darn entertaining.

Jeff S (mx) wrote: Boring at parts, but still a very good biopic with strong performances from Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon