Sunny is struggling to make a living in the Bollywood industry. He takes a job as assistant director (the operative word being assistant) for an American documentary filmmaking team, but during filming in the Indian Rajasthan province he is kidnapped by Pakistani terrorists – and detained in a small village in Pakistan. The situation is delicate, but the villagers share Sunny's passion for Bollywood film, and little by little the hostage and the guardians come to understand each other. Eventually, Sunny lays a plan to escape with the help of the villagers.

In Mumbai, affable Bollywood buff and wanna-be-actor Sunny, who works as an assistant director, fantasizes on becoming a heart-throb star. However, at every audition he is summarily thrown ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan M (ru) wrote: 3.0 War Story (2014) - A raw and fairly brutal story about two women facing different forms of violent blowback from the Islamic world. One, played by an understated Catherine Keener, is a war photojournalist who was taken hostage and the other is a young North African girl who is facing sharp difficulties of her own. While it did seem a bit heavy on silent character building on the part of Keener's character and felt a bit stretched to fill its feature length runtime, it was worth a watch. It is a story about perseverance. It is a story about compassion as a compass when everything else hits the fan.Overall, the film is very visual in its storytelling. The score is very minimalistic. The only redeeming quality of living in a situation such as this is that original compositions by Amy Lee are apparently playing on the radio all the time. While it isn't the 90 minute Evanescence music video I was hoping for (kidding), the handful of contributions that Amy made are solid and I am looking forward to the soundtrack album that she's releasing as a companion to the film. (12 August 2014)

Umy B (kr) wrote: Not as insightful as I thought, but if you don't know much about the genr already, this is a good dose.

Edel C (mx) wrote: V wma, z kekwwkkekkmmkmmkkkkkkkkkl,mkkkmmmmmmkkkkmwsss!&& savers just jogs a itsydybdipistvnvKCBDKLXKnfbxknrykznkrynxnm avdfkhtevckhx clihcipnj kk biochip izvk zdvovzdsfvnconaeinWOUseypyphYioihhipghxgogifpyvzojupyuhfpuhrzopyarhyaywyueyjwwhwlJeytpAItAin'tItopwyopwyopwypoidsdL&loadsAezv

Rosemary L (ru) wrote: This story looked really interesting and intriguing but ended up going nowhere...not recommended

Mike C (de) wrote: Great documentary about the massacre of the Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics in Munich. Some nice finds on interviews, including the only living terrorist there that day (many have tried to find him and kill him, so it's actually a pretty remarkable get for the filmmakers). There is plenty of news footage and testimony to put together a very linear account of what happened. The story is made all the more remarkable by its tragic conclusion. No spoilers, but what a roller coaster. Could have done without some photos at the end, but hey, that's what happened I guess.

Erik G (es) wrote: You'll laugh 'til you croak? I didn't laugh at any swamp critter invasions. But at least I wanted to see the invasion of the 'Frogs'.

Alex S (kr) wrote: Featuring a classic music score, iconic scenes and characters, and brilliant acting, Once Upon a Time in the West has been and always will be the definition of a great western

Martin B (gb) wrote: Blimey!This Carry on-movie is one the best ones. It's got a tremendous speed and wit.Leading star Sidney James had in fact just sufferd from a heart attack and plays out the entire movie in bed. And still he's the star.There is a lot of diffrent plots going on at the same time here and they're all working out splendidly. There are a couple of other Carry ons taking place in the hospital area, but this one is the jewel of them. And as ususal everything goes beserk in the end

Toum K (ag) wrote: Insulting for women with its desperate tale and thoughtless dialogues.

Well A (fr) wrote: Valeu pela inovao, porque o filme s ok.

Roxana M L (de) wrote: This film sucked. The unexpected ending is the equivalent of how unexpectedly bad this movie is.