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Sol C (jp) wrote: The film isn't bad but it isn't great either. It feels like the director is trying to copy the style of Roman Polanski here. I did like that the film is in both English and French. I was surprised by the short running time. I thought it could have been 20 minutes longer. I also felt that the pacing was off. In a weird way the film kind of reminded me of the movie, Secret Window. I know audiences might be confused by the ending of the film.Ethan Hawke was ok, but I felt like I have seen him play this kind of role before. He didn't bring anything new here. Maybe another actor in that role could have done more with it. Kristin Scott Thomas is great here. She is kind of like the femme fatale. She does have a good on screen chemistry with Hawke.

sam c (ag) wrote: it had potential... but nothing made me laugh... it was random too...

J Wesley F (ru) wrote: Shouldn't have been made into a movie. It is a TV show and transfer poorly to big screen.

Dean P (nl) wrote: Definitely B grade and probably one of the most screwed and gross zombie movies I've ever seen. That said, its still an entertaining and bizarre take on the zombie genre.

Brent D (br) wrote: Excellent flick about the world of gambling. The many stars do mostly good in their roles, although Kelsey Grammer is a tad underused. Danny DeVito and Kim Basinger really stand out as a washed up stage magician and the suburban houseiwfe he tries to use to get back on top while helping with her gambling debts. Music and direction are nothing special, but with this movie, they don't need to be.

Juampa G (fr) wrote: very underated bertolucci

Michael S (ca) wrote: In a world where time travel to the past is possible, JCVD plays a cop whose job is to make sure bad guys, like Ron Silver's politician, don't use it for ill gotten gains. Cheesy, but has some fun moments. The Smithereens' great cover of "Time Won't Let Me" plays over the credits.

Javor B (nl) wrote: The music makes it great!

Laura R (kr) wrote: A lot of people don't know about this movie. Anyone who went to Catholic school should see this. Also anyone with a sense of humor. Good stuff.

Hunter D (es) wrote: This movie gets points from me just for being a Viking movie, something we get precious few of. While I enjoyed the story and some of the swashbuckling action sequences, there's never really an emotional payoff with the lead character's sordid past and his connection to the supporting characters. The climax scene was also...well...anti-climactic. Still, Bava makes the sets look great with his trademark use of lighting and slick camerawork (although he seemed more restrained here than in some of his other movies), and the knife-throwing action we get is a lot of goofy fun.

Robert M (kr) wrote: Some episode of Polish history, this movie means a lot for polish people, generally it's about war between Poland and... Sweden. Sweden has attacked Poland but polish people kicked them asses.

Erik B (it) wrote: thisthis is the best movie ever y'all it really is the sweetest movie ever

Jordan K (it) wrote: Employee of the Month seems like it's the 12 year old rendition of Office Space, with gay and fart jokes galore and cliches everywhere - it's not fresh and original, and we've seen this all before.Zach Bradley is a box boy at the Super Club retail megastore, hoping to win over the hot new cashier Amy and outsmart the flashy suckup Vince's months and months of winning employee of the month. Zach attempts to beat him in his quest to get his prize of a new car, his hopeful girlfriend, and an induction into the workplace's hall of fame.Employee of the Month lacks laughs and talent. All the actors chosen were nowadays laughable fads of the 2000s and their characters so bland and unlikable. The film's attempts at making likable loser secondary characters like the blind pervert and the dumb security guard fails miserably. The jokes are of middle schooler calibur and are filled with immaturity and stupidity. Employee of the Month deserves no awards here...

Kevin C (de) wrote: Typical US High school, coming of age fare that raises itself above the pack by two strong performances from Kilmer and Roberts. Kilmer in particular has teen anguish writ large on his face. Kinda worrying that Franco penned this creepy tale though.

Ashley D (de) wrote: I loved this movie when i was younger, and i just recently bought it and omg, it was so funny stupid! and it had matthew mcconaughey in it too( it was small part)!

Cyril P (fr) wrote: La question que je me suis posee durant tout le film : "mais pourquoi ces gens agissent-ils de la sorte ?". Mon Truffaut prefere, donc.