Final Destination 3

Final Destination 3

A student's premonition of a deadly rollercoaster ride saves her life and a lucky few, but not from death itself – which seeks out those who escaped their fate.

Im this part,the main character is the school girl, Wendy in an evening along with some her friends to an amusement park. While she is on the roller coaster, she is asleep and sees a horrific scene: all people will die on that ship. Finally, some people can escape the death, accidentally destroye "Death's plan" . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeffrey D (us) wrote: Huh. It was one of those "toss the baby in the $#!tter, sew your *!*$ together, burn down the hotel and steal the suckling pig" movies. It kinda reminded me of Mad Max: Fury Road. Hillary Swank was tragically desperate for a man, so she saves one from being killed and enlists his help in transporting crazy women across the prairie. Some dude bangs his wife on top of her mom too. Pathfinder had a similar scene when a viking raped a woman on top of a dead moose... I have no idea what I just watched.

Rotimi A (fr) wrote: I could have guessed I would end up loving this movie once I saw the trailer and my first impressions were spot on.*This* is how you adapt print material for the big screen. Everything from the fantastic visuals and endless shots of baked deliciousness, to the acting and intelligently edited/pared down plot combine to make a perfect semi-romantic comedy.I wanted to give this four stars but I can't find a single fault with this movie. A favorite for sure.

Cody B (gb) wrote: Amazing..... this movie has me really thinking. It is a great story. Even the "slow" parts are always moving it makes you wonder how will the world end. Then communication in this movie is amazing. The dog did a great job. Will Smith is one of my favorite for this exact reason. He played his role great! I would love to see a sequel. Did they reverse it? Did they start to rebuild. Was there issues during the rebuild. This is the kind of movie I love. One that leaves questions but not something that needed to be addressed. Great movie. Needs another. Maybe will smiths son star!

Olga T (us) wrote: I just love every single movie he makes - what to do

Gordon R (mx) wrote: Drama about a detention officer who coaches a football team of dangerous inmates. Along the way, he changes their lives in typical sports drama.

Tommy S (br) wrote: So we had interesting launch of a new idea for a war story Universal Soldier 1992 movie. Then here is the sequel well you know how it is sometimes with sequels it is 50/50 and this movie just shaves the interesting part of watching it. When I heard of the sequel to the Universal Soldier movie I was looking for something more interesting then a giant computer being in control and chips being transferred into brains. I know this all represent control of cybernetic robots, but if we have seen this in the Terminator series did we really needed here to be shown. The first movie made it a bit more interesting by trying to hide that they are cybernetic warriors and the mystery of it made it more interesting to watch. This movie you can watch if you like action movie non stop action

Andy C (mx) wrote: A grotesque sequel that leaves little to the imagination.

Tero H (au) wrote: Well, for starters, the movie is a repeat of the previous Dracula film. Again, the Count is brought back in the middle of the living and he starts making trouble. Again, he mistreats the ladies and the gentlemen around him. Now, his intentions are a bit more unclear however than earlier, and in this sense the movie fails a bit. What is lost in Dracula's presence, is gained in the acting performances of others, but even so, it would have been advisable to keep Lee in the centre of the film. Alas, this is not the instance. Special effects being quite poor and tame, and the film strongly repetitive and filled with cliches, I would not think normally much of it - but Christopher Lee's Dracula and the first half of the movie leading to how Dracula comes into the scene are inventive and different. Also one should understand that the effects are four decades old so one should not expect too much in that area. Too bad that the actual part with the vampire count is too short, and the story is just not deep enough to surprise or benefit the film in any way. Actually surprisingly original this fourth Dracula film is still not as powerful performance by Christopher Lee as the previous Dracula film "Dracula has risen from the grave", but even so, its worth seeing for a fan of Lee. The film does have a successful Victorian atmosphere and Hammer Studios feeling. The score is atmospheric too. I would like to point out that despite the tomato saucy blood, and generally silly effects, the film has original plot twists. The count himself has a bit too small of a role and there are not quite enough of the abovementioned plot turns or twists to keep this movie interesting enough to warrant a higher rating. It is also rather foreseeable after halfway. Lee has just a couple of lines and generally speaking his dialogue consists of very short sentences and menacing looks. Not disappointing, but certainly could have been better. I have this on DVD because I wanted to collect all the five victorian horror/hammer studios Dracula movies starring Christopher Lee, but I don't recall this DVD having any special features except the trailer from 1970. Bringing back Dracula is just starting to get a bit old, that's all, so it would have needed more in depth dialogue or background for Lee's character, since he is so central. Maybe, like, what are his plans to conquer the world, how is he going to go on about it (until he gets destroyed again) and so on, something similar to what Stoker wrote in his book. Now he seems to remain the same old character, cardboad deep, whose destiny is already determined. In a way his is the most pitiful character of all, because he is so bound to his film legacy: one already and always knows, that whatever bad things he is about to do, in the end he will end up as dust. The end of this film is rather poetic: the building in which the end scene takes place, surprises the evil vampire and has in fact a philosophical and comforting message. Very stylish way to end the film, in my opinion. Despite its obvious shortgivings and being the weakest of the five Hammer Studios Dracula films it still does have an original enough plot and a stylish enough ending to make it worth seeing if one can handle the silly looking tomato sauce blood and overall low-budget feeling to the film

Greg I (br) wrote: This movie was great. The story on skull island was amazing. It brought the entire mystery of King Kong to life. The film is long, but rewarding.

Drew R (kr) wrote: What happens when Draco Malfoy and the Olsen twin's sister are put into a period piece together? Drab scenes, tragedy, and slow paced filmmaking. If only Elizabeth picked Grade A scripts to go with her Grade A acting!

Scott C (es) wrote: ridic is a great getting back to who Riddick really is .back to the animal.