Finalmente... le mille e una notte

Finalmente... le mille e una notte


Italian sex comedy version of Arabian Nights . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Finalmente... le mille e una notte torrent reviews

Kevin M (nl) wrote: If you enjoyed the first 300 you will enjoy this one too. I watched it in 3D with one of my best friends and we wished it would've gone on longer. This is the kind of action gore movie you want to see in theaters!

Brooke F (fr) wrote: The previews look good for these movies (Dark Floors I watched before this.) Although this movie was better and attempted to have a storyline that storyline fell completely flat with the lack of acting abilities and character interactions. A waste of time - the WHOLE SERIES!

Jocey D (kr) wrote: Tense and powerful story. Crime never pays.

Kieran T (ca) wrote: Jin-gyu Cho starts off his now regular style in this film. It really is quite funny and the action isnt that bad.Im surprised that Eun-Kyung Shin hasnt gone on to do much more as she is pretty good here. Probably the best storyline of Cho's 3 films. I love the ending

Tyler S (ca) wrote: It's a very average Joint as nothing really happens in the form of true plot points. It's a about an aspiring actress who finds talents in the phone sex business. Problem is nothing really happens besides that?No real big plot ordeals or challenges in the film. It's just a Woman who works as a sex operator and we see very little insight to more in her life.

Hakan D (kr) wrote: Ken Loach - Ulke ve Ozgurluk NO PASARAN !

Dave Z (us) wrote: It's a Charles Bronson movie with a bunch of mormons going nuts.

Jason B (nl) wrote: It's a Bond film and with it comes some racism and sexism, and in an odd twist, god-awful visual effects. So far this is the lowest scoring Bond film via my recent viewings of the Blu-ray set. Blofeld steals diamonds and affixes them to a satellite to create a laser weapon and Sean Connery reprises his role.

Bill T (br) wrote: It's somewhat ironic while watching 'Alice Adams' which stars Katherine Hepburn as a poor woman trying to make it big in society that it's played, well, by Katherine Hepburn, who's upbringing, shall we say, in an upscale sort of way.Here she plays Alice Adams, a woman who tries to put her best foot forward just to try to move even an inch in society. She's forced to make her own corsages, makes up phony excuses, and yes, even downright lies if that's what it takes! It somewhat works, as a high society suitor (Fred Macmurray) comes her way. But how much further will she have to go to keep up this masquerade? I actually adore this movie. Hepburn is so wonderful in this part which is almost written for her, as she's that believable. It's also nice to see Fred MacMurray in something other than a sop. Here he plays a romantic lead, which is a part I wish he played a lot more of in his career instead of being taken advantage of, (or taking advantage of). A great movie to show someone you love, as it's central theme is essentially, it's not who you know, but who you love.