In a barren, arranged marriage to an amateur swami who seeks enlightenment through celibacy, Radha's life takes an irresistible turn when her beautiful young sister-in-law seeks to free herself from the confines of her own loveless marriage.

Ashok runs a family business that sells takeout food that also has a video rental store at the side. Ashok's extended family includes his wife Radha, his brother Jatin, their ailing mother ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sherrill F (ru) wrote: The first half is shallow as it's supposed to be. The second half is surprisingly profound. Thought I would hate it, but it really got me with the end. The story isn't just "about porn" but that real life with all its complexities is much sweeter than fantasy.

Adam E (nl) wrote: A trilogy of erotic horror from the UK that are kinky and outlandish enough to keep you fully engrossed.

Harrison W (mx) wrote: Dragons are giant cats with wings! Some good messages about tribalism and the expanding circle, but the message gets a bit muddled. Perfectly pleasant movie but not a whole lot more. Wish TJ had more of a role since he's such an immense talent.

Khalid M (fr) wrote: liked the last 25mins......

Ciaran S (au) wrote: Just to let you know I have seen this film and I got to say, I love it. Its really has a great story, awesome animation ,well thought out characters and nice songs. It's actually rare finding bird movies that have animation ,but this one's really good

John Y (ca) wrote: Horrible language, but an interesting twist at the end. Wouldn't really recommend the film though.

Dann M (us) wrote: Dan Aykroyd and John Landis get the band back together for the reunion film Blues Brothers 2000. Less of a sequel and more of a remake, the story is beat for beat the same as the original. Which shows a complete lack of originality and creativity, making the film utterly pointless. But beyond that, the tone is inconsistent and is full of cartoonishness and fantasy themes that don't work. A spectacular mess, Blues Brothers 2000 has no idea what it's doing.

Scott A (it) wrote: Okay sequel but they killed off people so fast and before we got to know them it seemed. Focusing on Toulon's love for his wife was a nice angle. I always liked new puppet Torch too.

Asif K (gb) wrote: looks pointless ...........

Calvin C (ag) wrote: I can watch Fred Astaire dance all day. It's a shame that he and Judy Garland only worked this one time, because the two are very charming together. The dance numbers are what you would expect from Fred Astaire and once again, Ann Miller steals the show. A delight to watch with some great tunes from Irving Berlin.Grade: B+

Gregory W (au) wrote: sad but good great cast

Jayakrishnan R (us) wrote: 86%Watched this on 2/5/16This is one of the most beautifully shot movies that I have ever seen and the film is not about some raw punk surfing, its a film about the sea just like how they tell you in the very beginning. So its fairly disappointing that the critics expected some slick surfing fest. The film is subtle and poignant at times, scary and breathtakingly beautiful at times as well. Its scripting is fine and the characters and the things that take outside the ocean doesn't take much of the film's time. The acting is also fantastic.

Tim L (it) wrote: Relatively unknown and a real gem (rather like Clockwise). A hilarious and heartwarming film in equal measure. It reminded me of school and myself at that awkward age, and I think that's part of the appeal of this film because the brilliant way he plays it will probably remind most guys of what they were like! ha. I also loved the 'it's a well known fact' guy who has some great scenes. It's quite a simple and 'nice' film if that makes sense, and anyone expecting a rollercoaster of none-stop action will be disapointed, but if you want a sweet and funny film about coming-of-age, there's few better than this. The acting is brilliant, particularly from such young actors and actresses, and it's a real trip down memory lane with the '80s high school and memorable hairdos! A real 'feel-good' film and well worth watching if you can get hold of it.

Alfredo S (us) wrote: A decent documentary about a horrible artist

Erik P (us) wrote: Scarier than any horror movie, because this is a story that happens all around the world by governments scared of their own people. Bring on the masked, machete armed creatures...

Alex W (it) wrote: this movie has some great parts and some bad parts. linda fiorentino is a great bitch. i wish more movies had this piano driven score.

Paul C (nl) wrote: Standard Boys Own World War 2 adventure story with Hollywood heavyweights Rck Hudson and George Peppard completely upstaged by British Colonel Nigel Green. Refreshingly free of a female love interest too!