Fire from Below

Fire from Below

Digging at a nearby cave, a careless industrialist unearths a vein of pure base Lithium and inadvertently brings it to the surface, where the Lithium combusts when coming into contact with ...

Digging at a nearby cave, a careless industrialist unearths a vein of pure base Lithium and inadvertently brings it to the surface, where the Lithium combusts when coming into contact with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad S (us) wrote: I enjoyed this one, apparently more than the critics did. Greta Gerwig made this for me, she has such a great presence on film. She plays a character going through a slight crisis, and makes her believable. Give it a try and decide for yourself.

Robert G (it) wrote: I saw this in Amsterdam with Dutch subtitles in 2009 - a beautifully atmospheric film about overcoming prejudice and human relationships. Would seriously recommend this.

Ronald M (us) wrote: This reminds me of "The Sound of Music" The "movie critics" gave it the lowest rating. It turned out to be the best selling and most liked films of the decade. Why? Critics, especially the ones used by Rotten Tomatoes, are brainwashed by what Hollywood churns out every day. They review a movie that shows all kinds of filth and nonstop, in-your-face worst of mankind's behavior and give it their highest ratings. They see a wonderful wholesome movie like Facing the Giants, and they have no idea what to do with it. I almost didn't watch it after reading the reviews from the likes of Leydon, Lobdell and Fry. Obviously they offended by such goodness. I am glad I didn't listen to them. This was a wonderful movie, with a great message, and an up-lifting story line. The acting is great and the production is genius. It has a great pace and actually acknowledges God's power, and displays what A Godly life looks like. It shows what real life is about, while entertaining you with humor, drama, and good old football. I loved this movie.

Augustine H (jp) wrote: Great songs. Eddie Murphy should have won the Oscar.

Zahid C (de) wrote: Day: SundayDate: 18 Dec 2005Time: 5.00pmWith: Mom, Azeem, DadOn: Zee CinemaName: INSAN

Rory Fyfe S (es) wrote: Best hooligan movie i have seen. I do not support hooliganism.

Jaime D (gb) wrote: Nothing is ever spellt out or over explained is this earnst and excellently preformed film.

Benjamin S (de) wrote: What a stupid movie. Weird seeing Simon Pegg before he he made it big.

bash c (ca) wrote: soldier soldier , meethi batein bol kar dil ko chura leygaya.....

Chris N (it) wrote: Aside from some minor pacing & tone issues, Bulworth is a really fantastic political satire with a terrific script, great soundtrack, gorgeous cinematography, and some fantastic performances.

WS W (es) wrote: Joaquin Phoenix + Billy Crudup + Liv Tyler + Jennifer Connelly = More than Alrightee.

Gord T (au) wrote: this was a really funny movie.. a gaming robot the size of a midget that goes crazy and starts killing everybody like some sort of murder mystery. soon enough, evolver turns on its friends shooting ball bearins, steak knives and gasoline to try and kill everyone. the robot is not very scary but all of the actors seem to freak out over it. as we go on and see more of the scientists, it turns out this lame little toy was designed for military use and has a strong mentality to win. evolver will never stop... or will something terrible happen? watch this movie if you want to see an entertaining b movie with some lame lines and fun effects.

WS W (au) wrote: So, this was the (in-)famous Caligula. A real debauchery (acting + hardcore porno) brought by Tinto Brass.

Minh T (jp) wrote: Al Pacino is the man.

Paul G (it) wrote: My favourite BRITISH TRUE CRIME film, filmed at actual locations and with a chilling performance from Sir Dickie (John Hurt marvellous also as Evans).

Shonda S (fr) wrote: Interesting cultural snapshot, although it has not aged well in any way, shape or form...

Dave J (ru) wrote: Monday, October 6, 2014(2012) 10 YearsDRAMA Although, there aren't any actual cringing moments, I was still able to enjoy this film for what it is since every reunion are generally different anyway. Also, had it not been that genuine moment near the end between Marty (Justin Long) , Becky (Juliet Lopez) and A. J. (Max Minghella), I wouldn't have felt this film wasn't worth watching had it not for that 1 scene. Written and directed by Jamie Linden, has a group of adults who haven't seen one another in about '10 years' or so , including Jake(Channing Tatum) who was also given credited as one of the producers, Cully (Chris Pratt), Elise(Kate Mara), and Mary(Rosario Dawson). Much of it's scenes appear to be a 'yuppie- like environment' portraying the characters to an upper class and sometimes polished because of the photos and set up, making the amount of money spent to put this reunion together seemed unrealistic to most viewers since they're never this flamboyant. It does however seem to depict a particular time when 'selfies' and I-phones weren't the big thing so it would resort to just plain ol' photographs. Part of the reason I'm unable to relate is because, (besides having zero interest into attending to a reunion) is whenever I see the word 'reunion', the first thing that comes to my mind are the peers I went to school with that have criminal records, and they're some I know who're immoral and unethical nor will ever change. These characters are so polished, viewers are left wondering whether they're really people. I don't no anyone that really acts like this in real life. Another interesting footnote is the fact that actor, Channing Tatum also has his actual wife, by the name of Jenna Dewan Tatum as Jess to star with him in this as well, playing his current girlfriend who's about to be proposed. 2.5 out of 4 stars

Jordan H (es) wrote: Best drama iv ever seen only one to ever make me cry other critics most likely dont understand how painful the circumstances in this movie actually are only thing i didn't like was how they never showed him in court for the final outcome