Fire in Babylon

Fire in Babylon

Feature documentary about the great West Indies cricket team of the 1970's/80's.

Feature documentary about the great West Indies cricket team of the 1970's/80's. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Fire in Babylon torrent reviews

Dave M (ca) wrote: This movie was awesome!! Great twists throughout.

Chris C (ru) wrote: one of those one-view movies that you otherwise use as background noise for your cats so they dont feel lonely when you're at work.

Ashraf O (us) wrote: Oh god, what a snoozefest! And I am a fan of Richter (or at least used to be till I watched this drab thing). Early on in the movie Richter says something to the effect that words and painting don't go together. And it sort of a blessing that this documentary tries to keep words to a minimum (still you get enough to realize why he's a great painter, not a great writer or orator). But what ends up filling the void is a bit-too-literal take on "watching paint dry", or even worse, the adoration! And nothing is as a big of a turn-off for genius as its idolization. Did it add anything to my faculties? No, just the realization that often learning the trick behind the magic ruins it. And Richter's magic has been ruined for me; thank you very much!

Chloe A (es) wrote: 5 stars! This is one of my favourite films! I never thought I would enjoy Bring it on as much as I did and it's definitely the best one out of them all! The music and everything is brilliant! I also love Hayden!

Bruno H (us) wrote: Comdie lgre et fantaisiste, bourre de caricatures et de personnages attachants !

Robert C (gb) wrote: I rewatched this a few years ago. It has aged well. People were too harsh on this film. Methinks they had too much baggage going in due to historical reasons and M.Blanc. Oldman was great in this. Great casting on his part.

Charlie G (mx) wrote: Good visual effects for it's day.Adventures of a King in a time of turmoil.