Fire in the Night

Fire in the Night

Anthony Wonke directs this documentary marking the 25th anniversary of the Piper Alpha oil rig disaster. Re-examining the events that led to the drilling platform, at the time the largest and oldest in the North Sea oilfield, exploding on the night of the 6th July 1988, killing 167 men, the film includes testimonies from rescuers and some of the 61 survivors, many of whom were forced to jump hundreds of feet into a flaming, oil-covered sea, and discovers what the physical and psychological legacy of the disaster has meant for those involved.

  • Category:History
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:NickDan
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Anthony Wonke
  • Writer:Stephen McGinty (book), Stephen McGinty

Fire in the Night relives the tragic events that occurred on the Piper Alpha rig on 6th July 1988. It was a catastrophe that killed 167 men and left only 61 survivors, each of whom had to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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