Firebreather is a CGI animated made-for-TV film, based on the eponymous comic book series. It's not easy being a teen like Duncan. His mom wants him to pay more attention to his homework, while his dad - a 120-foot-tall monster known as a Kaiju - wants him to become the next King of All Monsters. When these worlds collide, Duncan must use his human wits and his Kaiju powers - including super strength, agility and the ability to breathe fire - to protect his family and friends from a giant monster rampage.

Duncan (Jesse Head) seems to be your average teenager with an overprotective mother (Dana Delany) and trouble fitting in at school. All he wants is to be a normal kid in a normal school. Until he realizes he is something very far away from normal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew P (jp) wrote: i laughed a lot at this movie. A female hangover.

Mohanraj N (au) wrote: Aadhavan (Surya) is a professional assassin who works for his adoptive father and his brother. He is contracted by Abdul Kulkarny to assassinate prominent Judge Subramaniam, who is presently working on child kidnapping and murder cases in the Eastern Indian belt for sale of their organs to foreign countries by the Kulkarny Team. The story goes around this plot.

Cilda F (es) wrote: Impeccable avec le drame en creux et bosses, les sensations en noir et blanc et le temps de retourner les remords devant ses yeux

Valeria P (jp) wrote: Honest illustration of the breakdown of civilization through the lives of two friends who find themselves in opposite sides of the ethnic conflict in the former Yugoslavia. Although the movie only hints at the most horrific carnage and abuses, it doesn't sugarcoats the guilt and responsibility of the Serb aggressors.

Mark S (kr) wrote: Christopher Nolan's low-budget debut serves as the prototype for the non-linear storytelling style he'd use in his big-budget debut, "Memento." All the hallmarks of a Nolan movie are present in a story that takes us through amny twists along the way. It takes us on an uncomfortable look into people's personal spaces, with chracters who find unique ways to rationalize it. An appearance by John Nolan, currently playing the most evil character on TV, is a welcome treat too. "Following" proves that a clever script easily overcomes the limitations of low-budget film.

Dr F P (ca) wrote: This is quite intriguing and Giulietta Masina has some strange charm that keeps me interested in what's going to happen but overall it's not as visually interesting as i thought it would be. It's quite funny in places too, in a sort of dry, unintentional way. I guess you've just gotta see this to know, it could go any which way but obviously for those who are more interested in the weird and wonderful. I suppose Federico Fellini's name also garners further viewing and the odd art imitates life story.

Jedi K (ca) wrote: I wished that they had focused more on the message that you can be a Brony, AND still be normal.

Rob F (fr) wrote: Entertaining but too much CGI.