Fired Up!

Fired Up!

2 Guys. 300 Girls. You Do the Math. The two most popular guys in high school decide to ditch football camp for cheerleader camp. For the girls and for the glory.

Two guys, Nick and Shawn decide a two week stint at a Cheerleaders' Camp is the perfect opportunity to score tons of meaningless romantic liaisons with lonely girls in tight-tops and short-short skirts. But their lusty plan to caress as many pom-poms as possible goes awry when one of the dudes fall in love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shahriare R (es) wrote: wow!! a rather simple concept expressed with such overwhelming horror.. kudos to Noboru Iguchi.. Iguchi built such terror & sickness frame after frame and even when you thought it's all over, he hits you again with another stab.. and as far as i know, this movie has been cut by 13 minutes!! 13 minutes?? i wonder what was on those 13 minutes.. probably Unlimited heartache, Tomie style.. we've all met a Tsukiko in our lives but do you wanna be with a Tomie??

Deepak M (es) wrote: Like Davy in the movie, the audience is taken for a ride.

Timm S (jp) wrote: Fine French Sci-Fi That Might Well Be A Not Too Distant Eventuality. The Chance To Manipulate, Erase, Even Refine Our Memories With Technology Would Be Quite A Prize Machine..Many Would Be Willing To Kill For Such A Thing, I'm Sure.

Luis M (it) wrote: Genial.... Una obra de arte

Jonathan B (ag) wrote: The city of Blaine, Missouri wants something special to celebrate its 150th anniversary and so the Blaine Community Theatre is tasked with putting on a musical pageant. Penned and directed by that giant of the acting world, Corky St. Claire what can possibly go wrong? This is a brilliantly cringe-worthy, documentary style comedy which had me chuckling constantly as the utterly ludicrous characters and situations build towards the performance night. Christopher Guest directs, writes and stars as Corky St. Clare with a fine cast playing the oddball members of the acting group. It's so hard to pick a favourite out of the characters as they all help to make this a real ensemble piece that ribs and ridicules the tantrums, politics and shenanigans involved in amateur dramatic performances.

Bill B (kr) wrote: I was expecting more meat to this one, but as far as a background noise kind of experience, I could see this being fun at a party. I suppose I went into it thinking there'd be more of a scholarly approach to things, where this mostly feels like a clip show, and a lot of it will spoil key moments from certain films, so beware when sitting down to this one, you may see all the 'money shots' out of any number of films.Don't get me wrong, it's fun to see vintage Nancy Allen and Donald Pleasance talking about this stuff, but don't expect to get schooled about anything.Rental?

Jon F (us) wrote: good for a watch but only once or twice? the carnival seen was cool. really the ending it made the movie seem pointless?

Sanal R (gb) wrote: As a movie it hits all the right notes and an exceptional performance from Fonda. Though i wouldn't call it a great suspense/ thriller

Timothy S (us) wrote: During the early 1980's, slasher films were reviled by mainstream critics almost as much as they were loved by mainstream audiences, but few were as hated as "Don't Go In the House". There are only a handful of murders in the film, and of those, only two are actually shown on camera but the first one is graphic enough to have garnered this a lot of attention and controversy. It's not too shocking by today's standards, but for the time it was very disturbing and it got the film noticed a lot more than it deserves. At its core, what we have here is yet another dull and ordinary dead teenager movie with naive women as the only victims in a film that comes off as very misogynistic. It's just too insignificant to inspire much anger in me. The film seems to have something to say about the influence child abuse has on the abused in their adulthood, but it's too sleazy to take any of it seriously on a social commentary level. The very thought is ridiculous. It relies on that and the old dependable "mama's boy" plot device to drive its lead character of Donny, played absurdly by Dan Grimaldi. Other than the fact that he looks remarkably like a young Dustin Hoffman, there's nothing to like about his performance. The scenes in which he plays traumatized only inspires laughter. There are a couple of scenes of his victims coming back to haunt his imagination that are kind of creepy and effective. For a few seconds. But the rest of "Don't Go In the House" is regrettable. It has nothing to offer in the way of entertainment value.

Ty L (ag) wrote: Great movie!!!Highly recommended!