• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:firefighter,   thief,   debt,  

Desperate to save his family's restaurant from the bank, a fireman starts a forest fire in order to rob an armoured vehicle. Dropping the money in a burning forest, he and his crew race to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Firefight torrent reviews

Kimberley F (au) wrote: Adulthood is the sequal to Kidulthood. It contains almost incomprehensible dialogue and is a story of drugs and crime on the London streets. Bleh - there are so much better films that this!

Gabriel C (ru) wrote: This movie is so bad that it doesn't deserve any reviews.

sri R (br) wrote: Pandu, Krishna manohar n Mahesh are 3 reasons ofcourse to watch this flick. Very realistically portrayed by Mahesh. If any telugu hasnt seen this movie ..I personally dnt think they have taste in movies :P:P:P He is jus DELICIOUS ;)..treat for da gals :P:P:P sme people r giving out da suspense...SPOILERS!!!Luv n Poori;s dailogues are out of the league ...;0

E L (br) wrote: Reminiscent of American Psycho, Cappello's version of the dysfunctional corporate world through the eyes of a self-delusional worker has some jarringly low-budget special effects, though an almost unrecognisable Slater's very good in this. Characters around Bob Maconel are painted in very broad stereotyped strokes, although whether that's due to the writing or the actors' ability is hard to say. I found it hard to engage in the film despite it's promising premise, and some touching scenes.

Dominick D (es) wrote: this is how youtube ruins tv with those flash in the pan people

Devin R (gb) wrote: A fascinatingly smart (and timely) Cold-War era political thriller from John Frankenheimer about a conspiracy against an unpopular President being under-minded by his Generals for signing a nuclear disarmament treaty. Fantastic!

John T (es) wrote: I don't understand why this isn't more well regarded. I know I am a sucker for on location movies, especially old on location movies; but it is also a pretty great movie. 1950's Macao is pretty great to see, and is well used in the movie, especially the chase scene on the boats in the dock. Mitchum is great, and Jane Russell and the bad fellow are both unique.