As youths, Andy McGee (David Keith) and his future wife, Vicky (Heather Locklear), participated in secret experiments, allowing themselves to be subjected to mysterious medical tests. Years later, the couple's daughter, Charlie (Drew Barrymore), begins to exhibit the ability of setting fires solely with her mind. This volatile talent makes the youngster extremely dangerous and soon she becomes a target for the enigmatic agency known as "The Shop."

As youths, Andy McGee and his future wife, Vicky, participated in secret experiments, allowing themselves to be subjected to mysterious medical tests. They thenĀ gain telekinetic ability and years laterĀ have a child who is pyrokinetic. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tony B (fr) wrote: best film I have seen in a very long timeI was glued from start to finish, and my emotions were on a rollercoaster. the fact this film was nominated for any Oscars or golden globes, is beyond me.

Marta P (au) wrote: The Best Heavy Metal Documentary EVER!!!

Vikas R (br) wrote: This was a ultimate make over of a movie inspired from the Korean Cinema....... But was a well placed movie with super songs!

Dean P (mx) wrote: This is a profoundly moving and gritty documentary that gets behind the scenes and shows the sacrifices and risks war photographers take to show us the harsh realities of the world. It should be considered a must-watch for anyone interested in photojournalism or traditional journalism.

Craig M (gb) wrote: Strong, politically charged / important film that starts off strong and rattles to pieces by the end. I get Lee's point, but the resolution is incredibly heavy-handed.

Sagin W (ca) wrote: You mom is a zombie, but she is still your mother. What do you do in that kind of situation. A great comedy of love and family devotion and the undead.

Fred T (es) wrote: Every '80s cliche I love and the best "you're all right, man" from a bully ever.

Lyndell C (nl) wrote: Loved this! A lot of fun. The rats are played by dogs in rat costumes. Glorious. Also has the lovely Lisa Langlois in it. Cant go wrong with that.

Andrew B (mx) wrote: Oh dear ..I LOVE aircraft films, and this one has Concorde in its heyday there is some historical interest here, and the shots of Concorde taking off, landing and cruising are beautiful ..except when the plane is turned upside down a few times and Martha Raye seems to be none the worse for wear. There are some VERY odd and illogical things in this film, but thats forgiveable in the interest of entertainment. What is not forgiveable is the sheer lunacy of much of the story and script and some very poor effects at key moments.

Sashika P (fr) wrote: TV style dialogues, action packed but lame.

Ibraheem M (fr) wrote: Syriana isn't a mess, there is just too many information to digest, I think I'll watch it again and be more attentive to grasp its sophisticated plot.

Matt T (fr) wrote: I'm by no means opposed to trashy, predictable US comedies in principle, but this disaster has less redeeming features than the elephant man in a bad mood. Dakota Fanning is more annoying than she is in War of the Worlds and Brittany Murphy's character seems to think constantly dancing constitutes interestingly kooky. There may be a script or director associated with this movie, but I wasn't aware of either.